Personality Quiz Results

Making Sense of the Personality Test

Once you have done the simple personality quiz on this site, you will have identified 4 letters that relate to the way you prefer to behave. These are listed below.

Read through the descriptions of each preference in general and at work. Consider how far you recognise yourself in each description.

As these are very brief summaries, you may not feel 100% certain about which is the right one for you. If so, try just observing yourself over the next few weeks and see if you can identify a pattern in your behaviour.

Remember that we can all adopt any of these preferences if circumstances require it, but we will feel more comfortable if we can work with our preferred style.

Which is yours?

Personality Quiz Results
Extrovert or Introvert?

E – Extrovert

In general:
Extroverts are people persons. They love being around and interacting with others and find their company energising. They are enthusiastic communicators and enjoy living life at a fast pace.

At work:
Extroverts enjoy working in team or group situations. They prefer a large lively office with lots going on. Work with variety and public contact will suit them well.

I – Introvert

In general:
Introverts enjoy having some peace and quiet in their day and find excessive activity and interaction with others draining. Time to think or reflect on their own is important and they will generally take their time before sharing ideas and opinions.

At work:

Introverts need to have some opportunity to work quietly with minimal interruptions. They can focus and concentrate on their work over long periods and may prefer to communicate by email rather than pick up the phone or speak directly to colleagues.

Personality Quiz Results
Sensing or Intuition?

S – Sensing

In general: Sensors are practical and present focused. They will concentrate on the concrete facts of the here and now and are recognised for their realism and common sense.

At work: Sensors are excellent with practical and factual work and are comfortable with step-by step processes and procedures. They enjoy developing and using their methodical approach and attention to detail. They like to be able to apply their skills and experience directly in their work.

N – iNtuition

In general: Intuitives are excited by ideas and the ‘big picture’. They will immediately see new possibilities in situations and are creative and imaginative. They thrive on change and quickly get bored with routines.

At work:

Intuitives need a work situation that allows them to use their innovative skills. They do not like being limited by procedures and will always be looking for new ways of tackling projects and problems. Their broad conceptual approach may mean they overlook details.

Personality Quiz Results
Thinking or Feeling?

T – Thinking

In general: Thinkers have a logical approach and tend to assess things in an objective and analytical manner. They can be tough minded when making decisions, doing what they see as ‘right’ and will sometimes unwittingly hurt others’ feelings because of this.

At work: Thinkers will be comfortable in work situations where they have to make decisions based on what is right for the organisation. They can tolerate being unpopular because they are task and outcome focused. They find satisfaction in seeing a job well done.

F – Feeling

In general: Feelers are sociable and friendly and put harmonious human relations first. They are compassionate, concerned about others and make decisions based on personal values. They seek appreciation from others.

At work:

Feelers are great in jobs where they can help people work together effectively. Their work will need to match their deeply held personal values and will readily praise and encourage others.

Personality Quiz Results
Judging or Perceiving?

J – Judging

In general: Judgers are generally very organised and tend to do their tasks first before allowing themselves time off. They like plans and planning and will arrange their lives in an orderly way as far as possible. They like lists! They prefer to move from uncertainty to a decision as quickly as possible.

At work: Judgers are a great at ensuring that work projects are seen through to completion and will be frustrated working on vague open ended projects. They will create structure where none exists and bring order to work systems.

P – Perceiving

In general: Perceivers are flexible, open and playful in their approach to life. They enjoy changing direction as each day unfolds and dislike being pinned down. They can appear to flit from one thing to another as new things attract their attention and so often find themselves rushing to meet last minute deadlines.

At work:

Perceivers need a loosely structured work environment where their curiosity can be allowed to flow. They will be happy juggling a range of different tasks and will not necessarily work to deadlines. They prefer to work on projects that can unfold organically as they go along and are comfortable with constant change.

Your Whole Personality Type

Once you are fairly clear about what the quiz tells you your individual preferences, you need to look at your whole type and explore how the preferences you have identified work together.

Use the grid below and simply click on the ‘type’ that matches your four preferences.

This will take you to more information about your type and your career.


Once you are fairly sure about your personality preferences, you can
use the information from this simple quiz to help you to…

  • assess what is good/bad about your current work situation.
  • consider what you want to find in a new career.
  • assesswhether ideas you are playing with will allow you to use your strengths and not make demands on your less preferred ways of working.

Hopefully this quiz will have given you some insight into the kind of person you are and how this may show up in the kind of work you are likely to feel at home with.

Make a note of what you have discovered in your Career Change Project File.

Linking your personality and your career

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