Online Career Aptitude Tests

Try these free tests to help you get your career change right!

On this page, I have listed a number of online career aptitude tests which I suggest you might like to try.

These tests are a useful tool for you to try as part of your career change planning. Use them to help you to ask yourself questions about your skills, interests, personality and so on as these are all important factors that will influence which careers will be a good fit for you.

Be curious about the careers they suggest. If some of the suggestions seem a bit odd at first, ask yourself why they may have come up. What have you said in your responses that may indicate these jobs are worth considering?

Remember that career aptitude tests are not magic and may not provide you with the ‘perfect solution’ to your career challenges.

There will always be additional information which needs to be included when assessing any career option – information on your life and work experience to date that only you know about.

Experiment with these online career and personality tests with an understanding that in the end, you are the best judge of what is right for you – not a computer!

Try these for size

Here are a few online career aptitude tests which will give you some interesting and useful information to shape your thinking about career change.

In most cases you will get a free report and can then access more detailed feedback in a paid report.

The additional reports do not cost too much and are usually well worth having for the extra information you will get access to.

Future Proof Your Career

Future Proof Your Career is one of a number of comprehensive online career aptitude tests giving you an immediate free online report that tells you:

  • Your top 3 “Fields of Work” based on your responses
  • Which one of the 16 career personality types you fit into and what types of work you are best suited to
  • Your 6 dominant career abilities and 3 dominant career intelligences – to provide more clues to your most suitable career
  • How you rate on the 6 key skills of the “Knowledge Age”

Click here to take the Future Proof Your Career Test


The MAPP Career Test will help you to identify your new career. The test takes about 15 minutes to fill out, and it will give you new insights into what makes you tick.

MAPP identifies your true interests, talents and motivations, and allows you to match yourself to different careers to see what fits you best. You will get an abbreviated MAPP report with 5 sample job matches.

Click here to take the MAPP Career Test


iPersonic is a very quick personality test – you can do it in less than 5 minutes.

It is based on Jung Type theory and will help you assess your preferred personal style.

On completing the test you get an overview of your personal style and can then access a more detailed Career Profile, a Relationship Profile and a General LifeCoach Guide specific to your personality.

Click here to take the iPersonic Personality Test

Groper Career Interests Profiler

The Career Interests Profiler assesses your interests in a variety of activities, industries and occupations to determine the careers you are most likely to enjoy. The assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete and you will then get a free mini report in which you will:

  • Discover your career profile – the broad category of careers that best suit you
  • Find out the types of activities you are most likely to enjoy
  • Learn about your values and personal attributes
  • Uncover examples of careers that may appeal to you

Further, more detailed reports give you a Myers Briggs Personality Profile as well as more detailed career  information and resources to help you put your career plans into action.

Click here to take the Groper Career Interests Profile online test.

Prospects Career Planner

The Prospects Career Planner career test is one of the UK online career aptitude tests designed for graduates but is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to change career.

You have to register on the site first and then answer a range of questions about your skills and what you want from a job.

The results show what careers might suit you. You can then click through to detailed information about the careers that are suggested. As you have registered first, you can return to review your results again and again.

Click here to try Prospects Career Planner

CareerLink Inventory

The CareerLink Inventory has been developed by a US College. You answer a series of questions on aptitudes, interests, temperament, physical capabilities and work environment, and then you get a list of job categories which shows the strength of match of each category to your responses.

The CareerLink Inventory is associated with career information available from the United States Department of Labor.

Click here to try the CareerLink Inventory

I hope you find these online career aptitude tests useful and that they help you identify the ideal career you are looking for!

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