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You know, it has been quite an adventure for me building the How To Change Careers website and developing the 5 Minute Career Coach newsletter.

It is great to see the traffic growing each month (I reach over 100 countries round the world now), knowing that there are more and more people like you out there who will be benefiting from the help and information I am providing.

I have loads more ideas of what I want to do with this site. More tips, exercises, help and support for career changers like you, wherever you are.

But what really matters is what works for you?

Help make this website even better

I love getting feedback on this site from the people that really matter – you, the users!

    • What have you found useful and helpful?
    • Which ideas and exercises have given you a push in the right direction?
    • Have there been moments of insight for you, where thinking about something from a different angle has given you some new ideas and impetus with your career change?
    • How many of you have been inspired to really commit to the career change process and even taken the plunge?
    • What exciting new career directions have you decided to follow?
    • Is there anything missing from the site? Are there areas of support that you feel you need that I haven’t covered?
    • What would you like to read in the newsletter? Should it be longer? Shorter? More frequent?
    • And if you spot any typos or other errors, please feel free to point them out!

Do let me know what you think about both the site. As I said, it is turning into an ongoing project and it would be great to be able to shape it to meet your needs.

If you have an enquiry

You may also have an enquiry about something on this site. It could be about submitting an article for the Career Articles page, or perhaps you are interested in advertising on this site.

Or you may want to ask something about Solo Build It and how I used it to build this site.

Whatever your query, just set the ball rolling by filling in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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