Are You Truly Grateful?

Discover how gratitude can transform your life

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Are you truly grateful for what you have in your life?
Chances are that if you joined the 5 Minute Career Coach community because you hate your job or career, you probably feel you have plenty not to be grateful for. Frustrations, challenges, stresses that you could well do without. It is only too easy to let these negatives take over your life and you end up spending most of your time ruminating about what is wrong with everything.

We have all been in that place, me included, where the ‘bad stuff’ just seems to take over, but I have recently been exploring a different way, inspired by a book recommended to me by a friend.

The book is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

You may know of Rhonda’s work through The Secret  – the book or the film – and in The Magic, she focuses in on one aspect of our thinking mentioned in The Secret that we can use to transform our lives.

And that is gratitude.

Make it a daily habit

The book recommends a daily practice of being grateful for what we have in our lives that is good, and when you start to look for these things, you realise we really do have so much to be grateful for.

Start by listing 10 things every morning that you are grateful for.  This could be as small as having some cosy warm slippers to tuck your toes into when you rise through to an appreciation of all the steps and stages, all the people who have contributed to bringing that glass of orange juice to your breakfast table.

It can be as small as feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin as it shines through the window, to gratitude for the realisation that you have access to an almost infinite resource of wisdom through the internet

A useful extra step in this process is to write down why you are grateful. It helps you to feel the gratitude deep inside as opposed to making this a quick check list exercise.

Then take a few minutes to read through your list and offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for what you have.

Focus on one thing each day

As well as listing 10 things each day, The Magic suggests particular things to focus on each day – your relationships, the food you eat, people who serve you in the local store, the money that you do have (even if it is not much), the services you use on autopilot such as utilities, waste disposal etc.. There is so much to make you smile and feel thankful.

The book recommends a 28 day programme of gratitude and I am just up to Day 11, but already I have noticed how it helps me be mindful of all the good things in my life.  Yes, there are things I could complain about, but why waste energy on that when it only pulls me down and makes me feel bad?

So if you are feeling down about your job, the people you work with, the low wages you are earning, the lack of challenge or opportunity in your career, the boss who wears you down, then I recommend that you have a go at the 28 day programme in The Magic. It will transform your mood and the way you see things and your life will feel better as a result.

Buy the book

If you want to get started with being more grateful right now, you can pick up the book from Amazon:

The Magic from

The Magic from

Enjoy, smile and be grateful!

What do you think?

Come to think of it, you don’t even need the book.  Just begin.

  • List 10 things you are truly grateful for and say why
  • Look around you at everything you use to carry out your job and be grateful that you have access to it all to make your work easier
  • On your journey to and from work, make a point of thanking the people who help you along the way – who sell your train ticket, who serve your coffee, who direct the traffic.  And if you can, thank them in person and give them a smile. It could make their day!

Share what you have done and what difference it has made below.

From The 5 Minute Career Coach October 2014

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