Exploring Life and Job Achievements

What You Are Proud Of Can Uncover New Career Ideas

Whatever stage you are at in your life, you will have done things from time to time that you are proud of.

Not just job achievements, but things from any part of your life. Activities where you have sat back afterwards with a warm glow because what you have done has given you a sense of something done well. But how often have you stopped to review and acknowledge these special moments in your life?Probably not very often, if ever!

In fact, you may have spent more time dwelling on the occasions when things went wrong. Does that sound familiar?

As a result of this, you may have built up an unbalanced view of yourself and your potential, which won’t help when you are trying to open your mind to new career options.

Reviewing Your Achievements

Professional achievements

adsenserightMake a list of the job achievements you feel most proud of.

They may be things that you got formal recognition for, such as positive feedback from your boss or even bonus or pay rise. But they could equally be things that you personally feel proud of – a project you got finished on time in spite of problems, or a new skill that you have acquired under your own steam or a difficult customer that you have
handled well.

Personal achievements

Do the same kind of thing as you did for job achievements only look at what you regard as achievements outside of work.

Maybe you ran a half marathon for charity, or raised a lot of money with some other activity. Did you revive an ailing parent and toddler group and get it going again? Have you faithfully restored an old car or piece of furniture? Again, make a note of what you are most proud of.

Once you have looked at both areas of your life, stop and consider these successes and ask yourself, what is it about them that makes you feel proud? Why are they special and important to you?

Make a note of both the personal and job achievements in your Career Change Project File together with your thoughts about why they are meaningful to you.

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