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10 tips for career changers

If you are still looking for more decision making techniques to help you make your career change, then take a look at the further suggestions listed below.

I suggest a variety of techniques, so browse through and see which ones feel right for you in your current situation. Some are quite practical while others are more intuitive. It is often a good idea to try the ones that appeal to you first, but then to consciously apply a very different approach and see how that impacts on your decision.

Don’t forget the ideas already I have suggested on the decision making tips page.

Or if you have decided what you are going to do and want to move on, try these ideas.

10 decision making techniques to try

  1. Set a time limit for your decision
    . Then allocate set blocks of time to thinking about it each day and once you have done our 20 minutes, put it aside.
  2. Take a long walk alone in a pleasant place – a park or local nature reserve. Don’t consciously think about your issue, but just be aware that it is in the back of your mind, being processed. Let the pleasing surroundings help you relax so that your intuition can surface.
  3. Challenge your fears. If you know you are wavering because of fear of the possible outcomes, make a note of what the worst thing is that could happen. Then assess what you would do if that really did happen so you have an action plan in place. Also give an honest estimate of how likely that outcome is.
  4. Acknowledge that staying the same is not an option – change of some kind has to happen and it lies in your hands. You could decide not to change careers at this point, but then your challenge is what to do to change your current situation.
  5. If you are exploring a range of options, make a list of what the impact of each would be on yourself – how would I feel if I did this or that?
  6. Take a new perspective. Make a shift in time. Think yourself to a year ahead and consider how you will feel then ifyou have or have not made the move.
  7. Take another new perspective. Pretend for a moment that you are someone else, someone you admire. What would they do in your situation? What approach would they take? This is one of the best decision making techniques if you need to build your confidence to take a risk.
  8. Break the situation down. What are the essential outcomes for you, what would be nice, but you could live without and what is unimportant?
  9. Collect as much information as possible. The more facts you have about your career ideas the better. But link this with a deadline too so that it does not turn into procrastination!
  10. Have a conversation with yourself. Place 2 chairs face to face and sit in one while you explain your concerns about the decision you are trying to make. Then swap places and counter the concerns, suggest solutions, challenge your own thinking. Do this switch several times so you can have a debate with yourself on the issue.

If you apply these decision making techniques, it will help you clear up your thinking about the next step forward with your career change.

Once you have decided, your next step will be to turn your decision into action. Try one of these next:

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