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If you are thinking of making a major life change like switching careers, it is important to get some career change help. Most of us find making big changes quite a challenge – in fact if you don’t, you probably wouldn’t be browsing this site anyway!

My suggestion is that you make things easier for yourself by finding support. You need to recruit a Career Change Buddy.

You will find that with someone else behind you, encouraging you and picking you up when you fall, you will stand a much better chance of working through the whole career change process.

Maybe you have always been an independent type and you may feel that you have to sort this out on your own? Or perhaps find it difficult to ask for help?

Just stop and ask yourself for a moment – if a friend came to you and asked or support, would you not readily give it? Then why should they not so the same for you?

Don’t try and go it alone. Finding career change help can mean the difference between success and failure.

Finding a Career Change Buddy

Don’t necessarily just pick the first person who springs to mind. Your partner or a very close friend may not always be the best choice. You need someone who will be supportive but also prepared to keep pushing you on.

Draw up a list of people who you think might be able to offer you career change help and support. Reflect on what you think they have to offer in supporting you. What particular qualities will help them to help you?

Drains and Radiators

I love the concept of ‘drains’ and ‘radiators’. Look at the people you have around you in your life and ask yourself if they bring energy, positivity and encouragement (radiators) or do they leave you feeling down and depressed by moaning or offloading all their woes on you (drains)?

Clearly you need to look for a ‘radiator’ to be your Career Change Buddy.  But if you are trying to make a difficult change in your life, just consider spending as much time as you can with all those friends and family members who are natural ‘radiators’ and try to avoid the ‘drains’.

Don’t forget to ask yourself what you are? How do you think others experience you – as a drain or a radiator?

What do you need in a Career Change Buddy?

Someone who will…

  • be interested in and excited about your progress
  • encourage you when you are feeling stuck
  • be prepared to make the time to support you when you need it
  • celebrate your achievements along the way

What help should you ask for?

Ask them if they will help you by discussing your career change plans with you. You really just need someone to bounce ideas off and who will be encouraging when you are feeling stuck. Don’t make it seem like you are asking them to take on something too demanding.

But if you think you need a bit more than just a friendly chat, why don’t you consider setting up a more formal arrangement with a friend who is also considering a career change. You can then support each other by co-coaching. Read more about co-coaching here… 

You will find that having a Career Change Buddy or finding someone to do co-coaching with will be a great help. I will refer to your Buddy at many points in this site. Use them as a resource to help you when you are trying to brainstorm ideas and think outside the box with your career change. Help and support will make all the difference.

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