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OK, you know you want to change career but somehow things keep getting in the way.

Sometimes these seem to be very practical barriers – you haven’t got time, you can’t afford it, you are too old, you don’t have the skills.  Are these actually real and insurmountable barriers or are they perhaps just little ones that you have allowed to grow out of all proportion?

Sometimes what seems very real and ‘out there’ is actually largely a creation of your own mindset and attitude.

Have a browse through the articles below that touch on these barriers to change and you might find the related articles on Mindset and Motivation helpful too.

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Fear of what

The Confidence To Defeat Fear

Yesterday I was reading through the responses posted on my survey about career change (you can find it here if you would like to contribute) and it was striking how similar themes come up again and again.

Here is one recent response:

Question: ‘What is the biggest block that stops you from changing career?’

Answer: Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of trying something new. Fear of change.

Does that ring true for you too? Read more

Change Sign

What Are You Willing To Change?

If you want things to be different in your life or your work, it is easy to look around you and see all the things that are getting in your way.  They are the causes of your problems.

‘If only the world or other people were different then I could make that changes I need’ may be the refrain going round in your head.

So you sit and wait for something to shift ‘out there’ that will enable you to improve your lot. And you wait…and wait…and wait…

Are you still waiting…? Read more

Lost And Confused Signpost

Why Is Change So Hard?

Are you really struggling with your career change? Do you sometimes wonder if maybe it’s just you and everyone else finds it a breeze?

Well relax! EVERYONE finds change tough going.

Wondering why that is?

Because change is not a simple matter of deciding something and then doing it – you need to get a number of different pieces working together. If you don’t – it probably won’t work!  Read more

Sue Plum tree

What To Do When Life Happens

Life happens. That’s guaranteed.

Setbacks, disappointments, failure – most people are in fear of them and hate it when these things happen. They regard them as a catastrophe; not only that, they succumb to despondency and become discouraged.

Sometimes they even believe that this situation will last forever and that nothing will ever change.

Here is a different view.  Read more

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