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Sometimes the best way to make your career change happen is to just get on with it by taking some practical steps to get moving.

I know that sounds obvious and I realise that for many people there are doubts and concerns that get in the way and prevent you from taking action.

But there is a risk that you can spend so long looking at all the blocks and barriers to career change that you talk yourself into a state of frozen inactivity.

The best way out of this hole is just to start doing.

So here are some articles about the practical steps you might take to get your career change underway.

Just scroll down, read the articles and take action!

 Get Connected Get Connected!

You know one of the things that really struck me when I was at Presentation Secrets was the number of people there who I already knew.

I had already connected with them in one way or another – through networking & training events, business meetings, even via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This has got to be one of the best thingsthat has happened since… Read more

Well Formed Outcomes
What Do You Want For The New Year?

Many plans fail because they are too loosely framed– I want to be happy, I want more money, I want to be in a new job.

Do these sound familiar to you?  They are all valid goals but they are far too vague and so it is difficult for you to turn them from theory to practice. Read more

Making Good Decisions

So you are thinking of changing career?  In fact you have been thinking about it for some time now, but somehow you just can’t decide…

Well maybe that is not such a bad thing because according to Chip & Dan Heath, we are not very good at making decisions.

So before you finally take the plunge and do it (change career I mean), just stop and review how you are trying to make that decision. Read more

career change buddy
Time For A Big Conversation?

We all put up barriers to stop us making the break from a job that is wearing us down. But they are often barriers that we have built up over time in our own minds –  barriers that could be broken down if only we had the courage to have a Big Conversation.

Conversation is such an everyday thing and yet, when used powerfully, it can radically change the direction in which your life is going.

What is the quality of your everyday conversations? Read more

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