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Struggling to make the changes in your career 
that you want?

It may be that although you think you want to make a change, there is something in your underlying belief system that is holding you back.

Or maybe you just keep running out of steam.  Your motivation and enthusiasm for the idea keeps disappearing.

These are common issues for career changers, so don’t worry – you are not alone!

Just dip into the articles below.  They are full of ideas, information and advice to help you get your mindset and motivation in the right place so that you really do make the changes you want in your career.

Read on and get going!

 Magic Wand What’s the Magic Answer?

You may have seen the Survey Monkey questionnaire I set up recently to find
out some of the key issues facing would-be career changers. (Just three
questions so by all means pop over and add your thoughts now.)

One of the replies to my question ‘What would be the most useful information or support to help you to make your career change happen?’ really jumped out at me. It goes like this… Read on

Too Much To Do
Are You Really Committed?

Are you really committed to your career change?

How much progress are you actually making? How far have your New Year Resolutions to change career been put into practice? If you haven’t made much progress, does it suggest that you are perhaps not really committed?

That is the problem with that word – COMMITMENT – it’s a Biggie!  Read on

Serious business woman making stop sign over white, focus on hand
Can’t or Won’t Change Career?

‘I’d love to change career but I can’t.’

Does that ring a bell for you?

As a career coach I have heard that many a time and it always makes me wonder what it is that makes the speaker use this word ‘CAN’T’ as a barrier.

What is it that leads them to assume that this barrier is impossible to break through? Read on

Autumn Leaves
Optimist or Pessimist?

Autumn is a very special season because of its wonderful mix of fruitfulness tinged with melancholy and as with so many things in life you will probably have your own particular take on it.

Do you see autumn as a glorious expression of abundance or as a depressing sign of the cold and dark that is to come?

Just considering your habitual reaction to the turn of the seasons can be quite revealing of your… Read on

If not now, when?
Is It Your Last Chance?

‘This is my last chance to change to a career that fulfills me’ he said.

And that really gave me pause for thought. It sounded so final. No wonder the idea of career change seemed daunting with that ultimatum hanging over his head.

Is this something that has gone through your mind when thinking about career change? Read on

walking briefcase man
Are You A Natural Entrepreneur?

Browsing on the internet recently, I ended up at a quiz entitled ‘Are You A Natural Entrepreneur?’ which  got me thinking.

I don’t know about you, but for me the word ‘entrepreneur’ is weighed down with assumptions about what is actually means and in my case, these are mostly negative assumptions.

How about you?  Read on

Overworked Businessman
Deciding With Reason or Emotions

How are you trying to decide about making a change of career direction?  Are you driven by your head or your heart?

Insurance salesmen know how to tap into  what feels the right thing to do.  What can you learn from them?  Read on

Businessman Uncertain
Challenging Beliefs – Are You Up For It?

Changing career is hard… I’m getting too old to change… I don’t have the skills or confidence to change direction…

Are these ideas that have become ‘cemented in’ because you have rehearsed them many times and because you have heard others say…  Read on

The Challenge of Keeping Going

If the biggest challenge for those of you who are feeling stuck in a job you hate is the weight of inertia that holds you down, then the biggest challenge for career changers who have already begun the journey is keeping up the momentum.

Career change does not usually happen overnight. It can be quite along haul and on a long journey there will certainly be moments when… Read on

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