A Useful Career Change Tip

Review Your Favourite Work Activities

Checklist of completed tasks, with green felt penA useful career change tip is to assess what you really want by looking at your favourite activities at work.

You know there are things you look forward to doing at work and things you keep putting off. OK, all jobs are likely to have some less pleasant aspects to them. But in building up a picture of your ideal job, stop to take a look at the work activities you do enjoy.

The checklist below groups activities into four broad areas. Of course it can’t be comprehensive, so do think about some of the jobs you have done and identify the bits that you enjoyed.

If you could go to work and just do the kind of work activities you wanted all day, what would they be?

Take a look at the checklist below and rate each item on a scale of 1 (low) -5 (high).

What work activities do you enjoy?

Data & Information tasks
Collating information
Keeping things running smoothly
Implementing policies
Editing or checking
Report preparation
Managing budgets
Bidding for money / projects
Marketing / selling
ResearchCreative tasks
Problem solving
Having ideas
Strategic thinking
People tasks
Public speaking
Motivating people
Managing staff
Teaching / training
CounsellingPractical tasks
Operating machinery
Using manual dexterity
Working with plants / animals
Being physically active

Which activities have you scored most highly? Do you have the chance to do these things in your current job?

Which ones are you not interested in? You know to avoid these as far as possible when exploring new career ideas.

This career change tip can really help you pin down some of your priorities in relation to work when you are doing a major job review.Make a note of what you have worked out in your Career Change Project File.

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