Shift from Trade Finance Banking to SAP Banking

by Amit

After 7+ yrs of experience in banking should I move to SAP Banking if given a chance?

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What Do You Think Is Best?

by: Cherry 

  • What does your instinct tell you?
  • Do you want or need to change direction?
  • Does it amount to a positive development in your career?

It is impossible for me to answer this question for you Amit, and it is one that you need to answer for yourself. The only way to do this is to ask yourself questions like the ones I have already posed to help you assess the pros and cons of the move.

Let me ask you a few more.

  •  If you would be earning the same money and have the same status after the move would you consider it? In other words does the new role hold some intrinsic interest for you?
  • Are you thinking of a move because you are bored or frustrated in your current role? Do you need a change to stop you from stagnating in your career?
  • What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the move? You have to live with it in the end so your opinion is more important than other people’s.
  • Will the move potentially open up new longer term possibilities for your career development? What new skills will you learn?
  • If you could fast forward 10 or more years, what would you like your working life to look like then? Will a move to SAP Banking take you towards that place or away from it?
  • How will you feel if you do nothing or if you reject an offer of a move?

I hope these questions help you weigh up the pros and cons in your own mind.

And my opinion? I think the best way forward is to follow what you want and not be swayed by others who may have an opinion on how you should live your life!

Finally, why not take a look at this page on the HTCC website:
Decision Making Tips
There are suggestions there about how to make decisions that you may find helpful.

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