Becoming a Singer or Film Director

by Ganesh

I am a SAP software Engineer. Working from 6 years. I love singing and I am creative. I am looking for doing something new …..I love name and fame. I am a talented guy but I am working in Software company. I love to sing in movies as back singer…Or either I would like to work as director. I am in confusing mind now …Please guide me.

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Don’t wait to be discovered!

by: Cherry 

Singer or film director. In both these cases, it is all about getting out there and getting more involved in the things you love.

You don’t say what you do already in relation to music and film, but if you are a talented singer then you need to get together with other musicians and get out there and start performing.

Who do you know who plays musical instruments and who has the same musical taste as you? Where are the places you could do evening gigs and begin to build a reputation? Could you offer to play at friends parties and other social gatherings. Do it for free at first just so that you are heard. What about getting a demo CD or DVD together of the music you and your band plays. Are there any competitions or festivals, even at a very local level, where you could perform?

You need to get yourself out there – don’t just wait to be discovered.

Much the same applies to film directing. There are certainly courses you could do to develop the skills but they are not a requirement for entry. However, I would imagine the courses would expect you to have put together a few shorts just to show your commitment.

Who do you know who is interested in film? As with your band, you will need to assemble a small team of people who are interested in the different aspects of film. Are there any film festivals you can attend where you can mix with the kind of people who share your interests?

If you could make a film, what would it be about? Try creating a storyboard of your ideas so you can share them with others and see if you can generate some interest.

Here are some great tips from a film director himself and the Creativeskillset website is also a useful source of information.

Neither of these careers are for the faint hearted. You have to want to do these jobs with a passion and be totally committed to exploring every avenue and opportunity to get involved. Have you got that level of drive and commitment?

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