INTP Personality

Your Type and Your Career




Understanding your preferences as an INTP personality will make it easier to
identify what is likely to feel ‘right’ for you at work and help you
when you are planning a career change.

The best employment options for you will allow you to use your
natural strengths and limit your exposure to tasks and situations that
will drain you.

Here are some suggestions about what is likely to suit you in terms of personal strengths at work, preferred environment and your leadership style. There is also an indication of possible areas of weakness you should watch out for when you are assessing career change ideas.

Your strengths at work

  • Good at theoretical and abstract work
  • Good problem solver
  • Provide technical or specialist expertise
  • Creative and original thinker
  • Exceptional logical and abstract reasoning skills

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  • Prefer to work autonomouslyMore interested in underlying theory than practical applications
  • More interested in underlying theory than practical applications
  • Set very high standards for yourself
  • Independent and will work happily on your own
  • Sceptical and questioning
  • Quick thinking and ingenious
  • Value competence and expertise in others

Your preferred work environment

  • Contains others who are intelligent and competent
  • Allows for privacy and quiet reflection
  • Not strongly team orientated
  • Loosely structured and unbureaucratic
  • Allows for flexible approach to working
  • Rewards independent efforts
  • Avoids unnecessary meetings
  • Supports and encourages continual learning

Your leadership style

  • Tend to avoid leadership roles
  • Lead through your technical expertise
  • Logical approach
  • Task rather than team focused
  • Value others for their knowledge
  • Interact at an intellectual rather than personal level
  • Let people work independently and do not expend effort on team building

Weaknesses you should watch out for

  • Dislike mundane detail and may ignore itMay appear detached and aloof
  • May appear detached and aloof
  • May fail to follow through to completion and implementation
  • May find team work challenging
  • Can be insensitive to the needs of colleagues
  • May be impractical and absent minded with day-to-day routine
  • Can be critical and impatient with others who do not meet your standards

These points should help you identify if a job or an area of work is worth considering. But remember that there are successful people of ALL types in ALL jobs. Particular types may find certain areas of work especially satisfying and others more challenging.

Use your understanding of your own INTP personality preferences to help you explore and develop your career ideas, not to limit them.

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