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Your Type and Your Career



Understanding your preferences as an INFJ personality will make it easier to identify what is likely to feel ‘right’ for you at work and help you when you are planning a career change.

The best employment options for you will allow you to use your natural strengths and limit your exposure to tasks and situations that will drain you.

Here are some suggestions about what is likely to suit you in terms of personal strengths at work, preferred environment and your leadership  style. There is also an indication of possible areas of weakness you should watch out for when you are assessing career change ideas.

Your strengths at work

  • Conscientious
  • Concerned for others
  • Have an intuitive understanding of complex human relationships
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Sense of purpose
  • Able to get things organised
  • Good at developing people
  • Look for a career rather than a job
  • Very committed to causes you really believe in
  • Can be depended upon to show integrity
  • Will happily work alone with great concentrationWant to know how understanding your personality can help you choose the right career?

Your preferred work environment

  • Contains people strongly focused on ideals that make a difference to others
  • Provides opportunities for developing new ideas
  • Quiet and harmonious
  • Feels warm and welcoming
  • Allows time and space for reflection
  • Is well organised
  • Uses periods of solitude and concentration to come up with creative ideas
  • Organises complex interactions between people and tasks
  • Value driven

Your leadership style

  • Can be a visionary and inspirational leader
  • Lead based on a strongly held sense of values
  • Will work to gain the co-operation and support of your team
  • Set high standards of honesty and integrity
  • Work with others to find creative solutions
  • Use quiet persuasion in pursuit of their ideals

Weaknesses you should watch out for

  • Your vision and idealism sometimes needs to be tempered by realism
  • Will not happily fall in line when your values are not supported in your work
  • May not be assertive enough to put across your vision
  • May need to work to develop an understanding of organisational politics
  • Can be too single-minded
  • Perfectionist and unwilling to compromise on the vision
  • Dislike dealing with detail
  • Can struggle if you do not have time and space for quiet reflection

These points should help you identify if a job or an area of work is worth considering. But remember that there are successful people of ALL types in ALL jobs. Particular types may find certain areas of work especially satisfying and others more challenging.

Use your understanding of your own INFJ personality preferences to help you explore and develop your career ideas, not to limit them.

Not sure if this is you?

Then take a look at the other similar types, where only one of the preferences is different. You may find that they are a more comfortable ‘fit’.


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