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Please read the advertising income disclosure for How To Change Careers

The How To Change Careers website is an information based website designed to provide a free and accessible service to career changers around the world. I receive no direct remuneration for the work I put into developing and maintaining this site.

I do, however, derive income from advertising on this site and this enables me to continue to offer this service. You will probably already be familiar with the 3 main groups of advertising used on this site.

Contextual Advertising

On some of my pages you will see adverts in blocks or banners marked up ‘Ads by Google’. These ads are provided directly by Google and I have no control over the specific ads posted, but they are selected by advertisers on the basis of the content of the page on which they appear. When you click on any of these ads, a few pennies are paid to my account for delivering the ads to you.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate ads appear on some pages as text or image links also relate to products or services that I consider may be of interest to you and have been chosen specifically as being of some use to you in your career or job search. For example, I am a participant in the Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I have also included affiliate links to Solo Build It as this is the set of tools I have used to build and maintain this site, and as you will have probably read elsewhere on the How To Change Careers site, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them as offering fantastic value for money! Income from advertising affiliate products and services comes to me as commission (ie a percentage of the sale price), should you purchase any of the advertised items. This is a normal commercial arrangement which I am sure you are familiar with.

My own products and services 

Of course, I also advertise my own products on the How To Change Careers site and you will find both banner ads and in-text links on some pages. These ads and links lead you to other pages on this website where you are offered a full explanation of the products and services offered and the costs involved. In the case of career coaching services, I link you through to my other Solo Build It website, Career Plan Coaching for more information.

Advertising policy

I have intentionally kept advertising fairly low key on my site as I do not want it to distract from the information I am providing. However, I will consider relevant advertising from external advertisers on this site and my full advertising policy and terms are available on request via my contact page.

Thank you for supporting the How To Change Careers website. I hope that through it I can continue to help you make your career change dreams a reality.

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