Switching From IT To Market Research

by Pamela

I am a computer science engineering graduate and have been working in an investment bank as an application developer for a year now. Somehow, I don't find coding interesting enough. Plus, I don't think coding comes naturally to me. I have never felt like learning a programming language.

Instead I would love to work as a market research analyst.

I don't have an MBA degree. Is it necessary to get one in order to get into marketing research?

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From IT To Market Research
by: Cherry

Good for you for acknowledging that you have not made the best choice with your first career move after Uni. It is quite hard to put your hand up and admit you have made a mistake, but it is, of course the first step to putting it right!

So what is it that appeals to you about market research? You know what is wrong about your current role, but what is different about you new choice and what makes you think that this would be a better match for you? It is an area of work where you will need a combination of people skills, organisational skills, research & statistical data analysis skills and a good eye for detail. What evidence can you come up with that you can fulfil these aspects of the role and that you will find these satisfying?

In terms of entry qualifications, generally speaking I would not expect an MBA to be a necessary entry requirement for a market research role, but do check the local market situation. What is typical for market research companies in India? However, you may want to look as a specialist Masters course in Market Research as a stepping stone as this would be a great way of building up your understanding of psychology, statistics and research methodologies.

Best next step is to take a look at the following websites for more information:
Prospects – Market Researcher Job Profile
Market Research Society - Careers

Find out more about what professional organisation exists for market research in India and go along to any events and training days you can. Talk to people there about their work, network and ask about the possibility of work shadowing or work experience so you can dip your toe in the water before you commit.

Also research the key employers in this sector and again make contact to ask about work shadowing. Start out asking for nothing more than a brief chat so you can gather information about your new career plans. If you ask for little, you are more likely to get a yes. See the information on How To Change Careers on informational interviewing.

Good luck with your career change. Do keep browsing round the HTCC website – you'll find lots of information and advice there to help you achieve career change success.

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