Need more confidence to change

by Linda

I would like to be a chemistry teacher. I have enjoyed the school observation sessions and find the environment stimulating to work in.

My concern is my confidence is low in my current role and I worry about being effective enough as a teacher and maintaining behaviour.

I need to work on my confidence - its only this role that eroded it, I had some before.

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More confidence needed
by: Cherry

It sounds like you are already doing some useful research into teaching by arranging a school observation and that has obviously inspired you rather than put you off. I assume you have found out about teacher training options too? If not take a look at the Training & Development Agency for Teachers ( and the Prospects website (

So the challenge for you is more to do with building your confidence. Confidence with managing a classroom will be a big part of your teacher training as I am pretty sure all trainee teachers have fears about this issue. I think if you spoke to some recently qualified teachers, they would be able to tell you about how the training helped them and also how they have dealt with real classroom situations since they started. You obviously have some contacts in schools, so get back in touch and ask if you can arrange a short chat with one of their new recruits after school hours.

There is also lots of information on the internet that may help, eg.Teaching Ideas (

You say you have been confident in the past so you know you can do it. You need to tap into the way you felt back then, so when thinking about yourself as a teacher, ask yourself what strategies you would have used when you were in that confident place.

Just remember that confidence is a skill that you will learn as your skills as a teacher grow. Think about the reasons that make you want to be a teacher and use those as a guiding light to help you over the initial stages when you have a lot to learn.

Teaching is such a rewarding career and if you are drawn to help others have a positive experience of education, then don't let a few bumpy stretches in the road ahead put you off becoming an inspiration to future generations.

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