Is a Career Change the Right Thing?

by Anonymous

I started my career as a programmer. However from the beginning I am not comfortable doing the job. I have a network of friends to whom I always turn to complete the work given to me. At times I feel frustrated not able to do the job on my own.

I have faced worse situations in my professional life and now I no longer want to continue in programming.

However I have a really good communication and rapport building skills and I can say that it has helped me survive this long in my present career as a programmer.

I have 5 years of experience in programming and out of that I have worked in 4 companies in these 5 years which clearly shows that its not the right career for me.

Now I am thinking about career change and since I have good communication skills I am interested in pursuing a new career that requires good communication skills. However in doing so I may have to sacrifice the money and other benefits that comes along with my current job. I am willing to do it.

Please advise if the decision I have taken is right. I spoke with some people I know about this and they advised me not to do it.

After all these years in my current career I am still not comfortable with my job.

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How To Decide?
by: Cherry

It is clear that you are not happy in your job as a programmer and that it is not a good match for your skills and abilities and it sounds to me like you have reached the point where you know something has got to change.

Well meaning friends are advising you not to jump, but how well do they understand how bad you feel about your current situation? They can only see things from their own perspective and their advice may well reflect their own fears about making a significant change in career direction.

What matters is that you explore your own feelings about changing direction.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you to decide.

  • If I do nothing and just carry on in my current job, how will I feel in 5 years time?

  • What is the cost to me of staying working as a programmer?

  • What do I want to look back on when I retire? What will make me feel proud?

  • If I do make a change and find a role that is more fulfilling, how will that make me feel?

  • What contribution am I here on this planet to make?

  • What skills, qualities and interests do I have that will be useful in a new role?

  • If I did not need to work for money, what would I do?

Generally speaking it makes sense to do as much research as you can before you leave a job so if you know you need to make a change, do use the resources on the How To Change Careers website to plan your move carefully.

Look at yourself first and review what you have to offer and what careers may be a better match for you. Then research what these jobs involve and how you can get into them.

This page will give you an idea of how to work through the materials on the site.

Bottom line, only you can decide whether you are prepared to go through the whole of your working life doing something you do not enjoy and that does not allow you to use your natural skills and talents. Only you can decide if you want to play safe and stay small or take a risk and take a chance on being happier at work in the long run.

What do you think is the right move for you?

Good advice
by: Anonymous


Thanks for your comments. Its really helpful and informative.

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