Careers For My Type?

by Kendra

I am an ESFP type. Currently I am a tax associate (accountant) working in a corporate accounting firm. I am really good with numbers, however, I have found myself not interested working in a competitive corporate environment. In fact, I would like to look for a position that I can have more interactions with people/clients in a friendly environment while I can utilize my maths skills. I found it really hard to identify my possible career options, is it possible that you could provide me with some ideas?

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Careers For My Type?
by: Cherry

As an ESFP, I can imagine that a big corporate environment will not suit you very well, so what alternatives are there? I guess it depends on how you want the balance to work out between the maths and people elements of your job. If you still want to have a lot of figure work, you could just look a to switching to a much smaller firm of accountants in a smaller town setting where you would be advising individual clients on managing their finances, making tax savings, dealing with finances for small business start ups etc. In this kind of setting you would be likely to get to know individual clients well and become a trusted adviser.

Another possibility would be to look at some kind of teaching - what age group would you be interested in? Inspiring you kids or teenagers, teaching undergrads advanced maths or helping adults who have never got to grips with basic maths? You could certainly do some of this kind of work on a voluntary basis to test the water before you abandon the corporate world.

Then again you could ask yourself how important the maths is to you. Are you a mathematician or a people person first and foremost? If the human interaction is more important to you, you need to ask yourself how do you want to be helping people? Take a look at this page on my website for a few more ideas of how you might work with people in different ways Don't tie yourself to the maths just because that is what you have done so far unless maths is really where your passion lies.

Finally, what do you want the legacy of your working life to be? Answering that question could give you a clue about the right direction to take.

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