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When I get feedback and comments from visitors to the How To Change Careers website and from readers of the Five Minute Career Coach, I find that all kind of questions come up about how to make a career change really happen.

Sometimes similar questions come up again and again!

So I thought it would make sense to give you the chance to ask questions directly and I will do my best to answer them here on this website.

Obviously it is not going to be possible to answer every one individually, but by answering them here on this website, it means that everyone who comes along can get the benefit of the tips and suggestions I make.

So over to you - ask away!

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I became new mom and am terrified it has ruined me professionally 
I had a job where I did nothing, a boss who didn't pay attention to me but being pregnant I thought it was good for me. Then I switched jobs and they …

In IT for over 5.5 years - how can I change now? 
I am from India and have been working in an IT company for more than 5.5 years. I have tried to change into another profile inside the company itself. …

Shift from Trade Finance Banking to SAP Banking 
After 7+ yrs of experience in banking should I move to SAP Banking if given a chance?

Career Confused  
I have always been confused when it came to choosing a career or my future ambition. The word "Career" seems so big to me and I view it as an important …

Still can't decide what to do 
I've been trying to decide what to do as a career change. Ive been in this place for over a year now and still can't decide. I've taken time off to …

ENTP as a Decorator, Interior Designer 
Hello, I am an ENTP type, and a current office manager. I have started an interior design business focused on residential decorating, at the same time …

I am 24 years old, with no kids, and I still live at home with my dad. I work 2 jobs one full time and one part time. I have a career now as a cosmetologist …

Becoming a Singer or Film Director 
I am a SAP software Engineer. Working from 6 years. I love singing and I am creative. I am looking for doing something new .....I love name and fame. …

Health Issues Affecting My Career Path 
I am B.E(Computer Science) passed out in 2007. I have worked for 2 years as a Programmer (till Dec 2009). I do not enjoy programming and due to health …

Is a Career Change the Right Thing? 
I started my career as a programmer. However from the beginning I am not comfortable doing the job. I have a network of friends to whom I always turn to …

Moving into Banking 
I need to change my career into Banking as a Bank Manager. They were asking what are your professional achievements?

Is Career Downshifting Possible? 
I notice a lot of help for career-changers centered around moving from jobs that offer lower amounts of responsibility and 'meaning' into roles that offer …

Jobs Without A Degree 
I do not have a college degree and have been working in the same industry for 10 years. I can't realistically afford to go to school full time right now …

Which Career Do I Choose? 
I have about four different careers I think I would like to go into but I'm not sure which one to pursue! Physiotherapy (I have a place on an MSc course; …

Switching From IT To Market Research 
I am a computer science engineering graduate and have been working in an investment bank as an application developer for a year now. Somehow, I don't find …

MBA & Can't Get A Job 
I am a 37-year-old male with an MBA and have been unsuccessful at transitioning my career focus. I am what many call a "generalist", with an assorted …

Job Loss At 61 
I am 61 years old. I have to work. I've been at the same company for 21 years, no retirement but great flexibility which I needed while raising children …

Too Old To Be A Tree Surgeon? 
Is thirty five too old to be a tree surgeon?

What Are You Proud Of? 
What do I need to put for my answer for this question: What have you done in your career or career building activities that you most proud of?

Fear Of Failure 
My question is, after working as an academic secretary at a university in Israel I took early retirement at age 55. After 25 years I realized I could …

Finding Your Passion 
How do I get to know my passion in particular area?

How To Be Confident I Am Choosing The Right Job 
I think that I lack the confidence to do what I really want to. How do I find the right job?

Overcoming Age Bias At Interview 
I am 57 years old and until lately have never had a job interview that I did not land the job. I feel there is a real bias against mature workers. Do you …

Changing To Market Research 
I am an INTP who studied marketing and went into a Marketing career over 12 years ago. I am contemplating a career switch now and am interested in …

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Moving Up To A Leadership Role 
Cherry, I love your site, very encouraging and uplifting. I am an ENTJ, lots of personality, hard working.... I've been working for 30 years as an …

No idea where to start 
I definitely require a career change, for personal and financial reasons, but have no idea where to start. I've read all kinds of books, even attended …

Need more confidence to change 
I would like to be a chemistry teacher. I have enjoyed the school observation sessions and find the environment stimulating to work in. My concern …

Finding work-life balance 
How do I find a career that I enjoy and also include work balance life at the age of 37 years?

Change career or stay put? 
Should I change my career or should I stick to what I already have and try to do my best? Will it get better with time, once I will learn my field …

Lack of Education? 
My biggest concern is lacking the education and/or experience to even get started. I'm part-way to a Bachelor's degree but in the meantime kids have to …

Careers For My Type? 
I am an ESFP type. Currently I am a tax associate (accountant) working in a corporate accounting firm. I am really good with numbers, however, I have found …

Feeling stuck 
I have been working as a software engineer/developer since last 3 years in India. The work has become monotonous and I'm really looking for a career change …

Uncertain about my future 
How do I get some clarity about what is happening with my current job - ie am I going to be made redundant or not!

Money vs Personal Development 
How do I deal with the need to earn money that can override the desire to take time to develop the parts of myself that I have neglected so far?

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