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How do you choose?

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With so many to choose between, how do you select which are the top job search websites to help you with your job search?

To get you started, here are a few of the Big Players for you to have a browse round. Most of them allow you to search internationally for jobs so you can drill down to your own country first (unless you are looking to work abroad of course).


Total Jobs
Career Builder
Jobseekers Direct

Is biggest best?

But before you just dive in and get overwhelmed with too many choices, start by asking yourself what you mean by the ‘top job search websites’?  Are you simply looking for the biggest ones that attract loads of traffic and have lots of jobs?

It is easy to assume that this is the best place to start, but is big always best?  This may not necessarily be the best approach to take because it will inevitably mean you are competing with hundreds, possibly thousands of other people for the same jobs and it is quite likely that your application will disappear amongst a sea of competing ones.

What specifically are you looking for?

Better to start by considering questions like what sort of job are you looking for and where do you want to work? You may well find that you will have more success if you search industry specific job search sites or location specific ones.

So, for example if you want to work in the media a job site like Mediabistro would be more useful.  Or if you are looking for jobs in Higher Education in the UK, both academic and non-academic roles, you should be looking at

If there is a particular newspaper or journal that is relevant to your career area, such as Computer Weekly then check out their website as jobs are likely to be listed there.

If you are searching geographically, you can find country specific boards and even drill down and find ones that focus on states, regions or towns within your own country, such as London Jobs.

Think laterally too

Don’t just look at job search websites, remember that Linked In is becoming and increasingly important tool for job search.  Not only can you search for job vacancies but you can also use it to find people who are working in the companies or industries you are interested in and make it the first step in a networking approach to job search

Craigslist too is another site you would probably not think of first in relation to jobs, but it has a surprising amount to offer

So the key question you should be asking yourself is which are the top job search websites that will work best for you?

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