Does your job bore and frustrate you? Then I invite you to…

Discover the Secret of Finding
Your Ideal Career!

After all, why struggle on in a job you hate when you could be
doing something that uses the very best of what makes you the unique and
special person you are?

Dear Career Changer

  • Do you dream of the day when you will jump out of bed in the morning, excited about the work that lies ahead of you?
  • Do you wonder what it would be like to be in a job that allows you to use your natural strengths to the full?
  • Do you listen with envy to friends who talk with energy and enthusiasm about the work they do?
  • Are you desperate to make a change, but not sure how to go about it? Somehow another day, week, month goes by and you are still plodding on

Well, don’t worry, help is at hand.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to gain an understanding of yourself that will change how you look at your career for ever.

Are You Wearing The Right Suit To Work?

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your career to your personality and discover the best careers for you by
exploring the secrets of personality type


‘I found this guide very useful in helping me to assess my personality and analyse how the results could be applied to my own job search. Through a series of simple exercises you are taken on a journey through your personality the result of which is a formula which most closely represents YOU.
A similar analysis of a range of job areas relates a range of personality types to those that work in particular roles. This can help you see where you might fit within an organisation or particular career area.

Cherry is at pains to reassure the reader that this information is not designed to encourage you to jump ship from your job but can also help you to seek ways to make your current situation more fulfilling. If you have resolved to boost your career this year, this may be a good place to start.’

Katherine H.


‘Having made several career changes to date, and often been frustrated and very self critical and confused as to why a certain career didn’t work out for me. Cherry’s ebook has given me a fantastic insight into why previous career choices just didn’t feel right. It makes such good sense now!

Now, armed with this information, I am moving forward confidently, knowing that I will make much wiser, educated decisions in my future career change choices, rather than just taking a stab in the dark. Thank you, Cherry.’
Pam T.

‘I really enjoyed reading Cherry’s ebook, Are You Wearing The Right Suit To Work? It’s practical, and written in a way that makes me realise she understands what it feels like to wonder where you’re going next. I really like the personal touch as well: because Cherry’s so open about her own past experiences, it makes me trust her advice and thoughts more.

The book is logically set out, in bite-size chapters that I took only one at a time because of circumstances, but I wanted to read it straight through. I’ve now read it twice and glad I have it keep for future reference.
I can genuinely recommend it to anyone at a professional impasse or crossroads.’
Moira L.

So what will this book do for you?

First of all, you will get to understand yourself better. When you take the quick personality assessment in the book, you will discover a lot about yourself and your work, including:

  • How you prefer to interact with others
  • How you prefer to collect information and make decisions about it
  • What your general approach to work and life looks like
  • Why your current job feels frustrating, boring or exhausting
  • Why you get on with some colleagues and not with others
  • What kind of tasks and responsibilities at work will energise you and allow you to give of your best
  • What work activities will be likely to be a struggle for you and why
  • What careers may be a better match for you than your current job
  • How you can best approach your search for a new job
  • And much more…

And as a result you will be able to

  • Really look forward to going to work!
  • Judge accurately which careers may be right for you
  • Feel confident that you are not going to end up in another dead end job that bores you
  • Be more successful in your career because you are working to your natural preferences and strengths
  • Understand your colleagues using your knowledge of personality type and so have better working relationships
  • Focus on the work activities which energise and enthuse you
  • Promote your own particular personal strengths to future employers
  • Use the checklist of personality themes to assess career options
  • Pick out specific career ideas to explore that are relevant to you and your personality

You know how it feels when you wake up on a holiday morning?

Well, just imagine feeling that about your work days too.

When your personality and career are aligned, this is how it could be for you.


‘I have come to expect a level of professionalism and inspiration from Cherry’s books, and this one is no exception.

Cherry explains the Myers-Briggs theories clearly and concisely and gives a simple version of the Personality Assessment for you to do.

Once you have found your type (I’m an ESFJ), the bulk of the book gives plenty of inspiring ideas of how to use your results to inform your future career. The beauty of Cherry’s writing is that she gets the right balance between guidance and giving you the freedom for you to find your own possibilities.’
Deborah H-P


‘I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the career guidance on your e-book. It’s really helpful for my future career development. Thanks again for all your insights.’
Kendra Y

It’s time to get it right

Are you ready to go for the career you will really love?

Are you ready to discover that last piece of the jigsaw that will finally get your career direction sorted?

Are you ready to take the action that will end that dreaded Monday morning feeling?

Then click one of the links below to download your Kindle copy of

Are You Wearing The Right Suit To Work?

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And if you enjoy the book and find it helps clarify your ideas about your career, do let me know – and maybe write a review on Amazon too!

With best wishes for your career change success