Does your job bore and frustrate you? Then I invite you to…

Discover the Secret of Finding
Your Ideal Career!

After all, why struggle on in a job you
hate when you could be doing something that uses the very best of what
makes you the unique and special person you are?

Dear Career Changer

  • Do you dream of the day when you will jump out of bed in the morning, excited about the work that lies ahead of you?
  • Do you wonder what it would be like to be in a job that allows you to use your natural strengths to the full?
  • Do you listen with envy to friends who talk with energy and enthusiasm about the work they do?
  • Are you desperate to make a change, but not sure how to go about it? Somehow another day, week, month goes by and you are still plodding on…

Well, don’t worry, help is at hand.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to gain an understanding of yourself that will change how you look at your career for ever.

The insights in Know Your Personality, Know Your Career will give you a new perspective on career choice and will help you find the career that will fit you like a glove – FOR ONLY $17!


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Know Your Personality, Know Your Career is based on the world famous MBTI® personality assessment to help you to understand your personality and then use that knowledge to find the career you have always dreamed of.

You get to understand more about yourself and at the same time begin to see how you can use that understanding to make a career choice that will result in you looking forward to going to work each day instead of dreading it.

Can understanding your personality really make so much difference?

Yes, it can!

‘Before I used Cherry’s How To Change Careers website and career coaching I was working in a business where I had been doing the same job for a long time, no longer getting any job satisfaction from it at all. I wished to change but didn’t know what to do or how to go about it.

I wanted to go into another career that I would enjoy working in and not something I did simply because it was convenient or that would keep me in my comfort zone.

After working through Know Your Personality, Know Your Career I discovered why I had certain dislikes and likes about what I currently did and it made me focus on which career choices would be better suited to me rather than trying to suit myself to a job.

After using what I learned, I gained a better understanding of the career path I wanted to take, and this resulted in me resigning from my old job and starting a new one that I now thoroughly enjoy.’
Donna N

I have seen it work

I have been a Career Coach for nearly 25 years now and have worked with hundreds of people, supporting them with career choice and change. I regularly use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and it is one of my all time favourite tools for helping people gain valuable insights to help them make career choices that will be right for them.

Again and again, I have seen how the self awareness that this personality assessment gives really opens up new perspectives on career choice. I have seen many ‘aha!’ moments, when clients suddenly get that flash of understanding about why their current role is dragging them down or how a new opportunity just feel so ‘right’ for them.

I trust MBTI® because it is a well established personality assessment with years of careful research behind it, so you can be confident that it will give you valid and meaningful results.

Finding the right match for you

So how can understanding your personality help with career choice?

Just think about it…when you go out to buy a new outfit for a special occasion, when you are looking for something that will make you look your best, you think about what suits you, what colours look right, what style works well on you. You try on different combinations, check out what really works for you and then buy the outfit that is the best match for you.

So why not do the same with your career?

Why not match yourself to the career that will be the best fit for you? Once you have the tools that personality assessment will give you at your finger tips, you can assess new job opportunities for the right fit before you commit to them. You can feel confident that the new career you are changing to will fit you like a glove.

‘I really enjoyed reading Cherry’s ebook, Know Your Personality, Know Your Career. It’s practical, and written in a way that makes me realise she understands what it feels like to wonder where you’re going next. I really like the personal touch as well: because Cherry’s so open about her own past experiences, it makes me trust her advice and thoughts more.
The book is logically set out, in bite-size chapters that I took only one at a time because of circumstances, but I wanted to read it straight through. I’ve now read it twice and glad I have it keep for future reference.I can genuinely recommend it to anyone at a professional impasse or crossroads. ‘
Moira L.

What will Know Your Personality, Know Your Career do for you?

First of all, you will get to understand yourself better. When you take the quick personality assessment in the book, you will discover a lot about yourself and your work, including:

  • How you prefer to interact with others
  • How you prefer to collect information and make decisions about it
  • What your general approach to work and life looks like
  • Why your current job feels frustrating, boring or exhausting
  • Why you get on with some colleagues and not with others
  • What kind of tasks and responsibilities at work will energise you and allow you to give of your best
  • What work activities will be likely to be a struggle for you and why
  • What careers may be a better match for you than your current job
  • How you can best approach your search for a new job
  • And much more

And as a result you will be able to:

  • Really look forward to going to work!
  • Judge accurately which careers may be right for you
  • Feel confident that you are not going to end up in another dead end job that bores you
  • Be more successful in your career because you are working to your natural preferences and strengths
  • Understand your colleagues using your knowledge of personality type and so have better working relationships
  • Focus on the work activities which energise and enthuse you
  • Promote your own particular personal strengths to future employers
  • Use the checklist of personality themes to assess career options
  • Pick out specific career ideas to explore that are relevant to you and your personality

You know how it feels when you wake up on a holiday morning? Well, just imagine feeling that about your work days too. When your personality and career are aligned, this is how it could be for you.

Will it really help?

Here’s what Pam T said about Know Your Personality, Know Your Career

Having made several career changes to date, and often been frustrated and very self critical and confused as to why a certain career didn’t work out for me. Cherry’s ebook, Know Your Personality, Know Your Career has given me a fantastic insight into why previous career choices just didn’t feel right. It makes such good sense now!
Now, armed with this information, I am moving forward confidently, knowing that I will make much wiser, educated decisions in my future career change choices, rather than just taking a stab in the dark. Thank you, Cherry.’
Pam T

Pam contacted me recently to tell me how much she is enjoying her new career. She is an incredibly creative nursery worker, and loves the challenge of constantly finding new ways of engaging the children in play and learning. And in case you are wondering, she is an ENFP!

So what about you?

Are you going to carry on just making a ‘stab in the dark’ each time you change jobs, or do you want to be moving forward confidently, like Pam, knowing that the next time, you’ll get it right?

Special Offer for Readers of Know Your Personality, Know Your Career

Let me just mention an additional benefit that you will get with Know Your Personality, Know Your Career. I am giving all readers of my ebook the opportunity to take the full, formal MBTI® assessment.

Everyone I have worked with has been intrigued by the insights they get from understanding more about their personality.

‘I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the career guidance on your e-book. It’s really helpful for my future career development. Thanks again for all your insights.’
Kendra Y


‘I have come to expect a level of professionalism and inspiration from Cherry’s books, and this one is no exception. Cherry explains the Myers-Briggs theories clearly and concisely and gives a summary version of the Personality Assessment for you to do. Once you have found your type (I’m an ESFJ), the bulk of the book gives plenty of inspiring ideas of how to use your results to inform your future career. The beauty of Cherry’s writing is that she gets the right balance between guidance and giving you the freedom for you to find your own possibilities.’
Deborah H-P

I know you will be intrigued too will be keen to find out more.

Within the ebook, you will find a link to a sign up page for the full MBTI® assessment. This means that after you have completed a more detailed questionnaire to confirm your personality preferences, you will receive a 10 page, personalised report on your type in organisational settings and you can also sign up for a 1 hour feedback discussion with me to really explore what your personality preferences mean for you and your future career.

It’s time to get it right

Are you ready to go for the career you will really love?

Are you ready to discover that last piece of the jigsaw that will finally get your career direction sorted?

Are you ready to take the action that will end that dreaded Monday morning feeling?

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Know Your Personality, Know Your Career

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At $17, I am selling Know Your Personality, Know Your Career at an incredibly low price for what it offers.

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Once you have made your payment via Paypal and I have confirmed receipt (this can sometimes take a couple of days) then you will be directed to the download page where you can access your own copy of

Know Your Personality, Know Your Career

Is it worth $17…

…to have that great feeling when you get out of bed in the morning, eager to get to work?

Is it worth $17…

…to end the misery of a job you hate?

Is it worth $17…

to gain that understanding of who you are that will impact not just on your career choice, but on many aspects of your life as a whole?

All that has got to be worth a lot more than $17, so why not give it a try?

My guarantee to you


I am confident that Know Your Personality, Know Your Career offers you great value – and the testimonials and the feedback I have had tell me that others think so too. It is packed full of information that I know will make a big difference your career change plans.

But let me make your purchase totally risk free. If you genuinely believe that this ebook has not helped you to understand your personality better, if it has not given you a range of career options to consider that link in with your own personal style and if it has not given you a great way of assessing whether new career ideas are a good fit for you, then just get in touch with me within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund while you get to keep the book and the bonuses. (What bonuses? Just scroll down to the bottom to find out!)

So what have you got to lose? Just click the Paypal button below and you will be on the way to finally finding the career that is right for you.

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Enjoy the journey of self discovery and I look forward to hearing about the progress you make with your career change and to adding your story to my list of career change successes!

With best wishes for your career change success

PS.   …and before you go

Buy your copy of Know Your Personality, Know Your Career now and you will also get a free copy of my Special Report – Your Personality at Work.

This will help you to use your new found understanding of your
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  • Personality and Team Work
  • Personality and Decision Making
  • Personality and Time Management
  • Personality and Stress

This Special Report is not for sale on my website at present – it is only made available to Career Changers like you, who are ready to step up and take action to get the career that they know they need.

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I hate to think of you plodding on in that job that bores and drains you, so make sure that you take this opportunity to identify the career that will really make you sing!


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