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I am delighted to bring you Know Your Personality, Know Your Career – an inspirational ebook that draws on my twenty-five years of knowledge and experience working with career changers.

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Change the way you look at your career forever!

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to assess your personality, this book will help you to understand what you truly want and need from your career.

When you purchase Know Your Personality, Know Your Career you will be able to complete a short personality assessment to help you identify your personality and work preferences.

Find the career that fits you like a glove…

You can then use your understanding of your personality to identify which career areas will work for you and can browse specific suggestions for each personality type.

If you wish to explore your personality in more detail, you can also access the full MBTI® assessment and book a 1½ hour consultation with me to evaluate your complete report and fully explore your professional potential.

And there’s more

When you purchase Know Your Personality, Know Your Career, you will also receive a FREE copy of Your Personality at Work showing you how to use your understanding of your personality to operate more effectively within your chosen work environment. This is not for general sale, but is only available with Know Your Personality, Know Your Career.

You will also receive access to a FREE 9-part multi-media course by Nick Williams – Discover The Work You Were Born To Do. Truly inspirational, it is a course I have returned to myself on regular occasions for ideas and encouragement.

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Exploit your new-found self-awareness for greater career success!


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