Want To Know How To Transform Your Resume Into A Winner?

  • Does your heart sink at the prospect of putting a resume together, especially when you really want that job?
  • Does it feel like your CV keeps disappearing down a ‘black hole’ when you make applications?
  • Do you find it hard to identify the skills and strengths you have to offer?
  • Would you like to have a straightforward, step-by-step guide that will help you to create a great CV?

If the answer to these is Yes, then The CV & Resume Workbook is just what you need – and it only costs $17!

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Dear Career Changer and Job Seeker

Did you know that most recruiters spend less than 30 seconds looking at the CVs they receive?

That means you have less than 30 seconds to make the right impact and ensure that your resume goes on the ‘yes’ pile.

It’s quite a challenge. Would your current resume pass that impact test?

Don’t worry, help is at hand.

My CV & Resume Workbook is designed to help you craft a CV that will have exactly the kind of impact you want.

Take this opportunity to transform your CV or resume into a promotional tool that will really hit the spot with employers.

‘After all my years spent in Executive Search I have never seen anything this good. Writing your own CV is tough. Sure we can all say which companies we have worked for but have you stopped to consider that your CV/Resume will portray many more things – sadly things you may with hindsight wish had remained hidden.
If you take this workbook seriously you will not only get a potential employer to ‘look twice’ at you, there’s a very good chance you will have realised just how much you have done and what extraordinary skills you have to offer. You will come away feeling more positive and confident that you can get the job you want.

Cherry’s workbook provides a thorough framework along with detailed mapping of the much shredded item, the CV/Resume. Commit yourself to the process she offers with vigour, they don’t come this good very often!’
Susie Lomax

I’ve been there, done it…

As you will know if you have been browsing round the How To Change Careers website, I have worked in the careers field for nearly 25 years now.

In that time I have seen hundreds of CVs and resumes good and bad and have helped my clients to transform how they present themselves at that crucial first stage of the application process.

Not only have I worked with clients who are preparing CVs and resumes, but I have also been on the ‘other side’ as a recruiter and have had the unenviable task of sifting through dozens of resumes, trying to make fair selection decisions.

It can be really hard trying to work out what the candidates are really like and there have been many occasions when I wished I could just have half an hour with some of them to help them present themselves more effectively.

But when you are recruiting, you can only go with what the applicant puts in front of you. You can’t decide who to interview on a hunch – the decision has to be made fairly on the actual evidence you have been given.

And that means many CVs are rejected because they fail to have immediate impact and don’t give the recruiter what they are looking for.

I was seriously impressed by this workbook!
Right from the start I felt confident that I was being guided through a structured process by someone who really knows her stuff. I particularly love the way it combines expert advice with a strong coaching element through all 12 steps, so that you end up with a CV which is not only professional but also a unique reflection of who you are and what you have to offer.’
Karen Knott – Midlife Matters


‘This workbook is exactly what I would expect from Cherry Douglas – clear, practical, insightful and inspiring. In times when getting that perfect job is hard, even for the most able candidates, Cherry has pulled together practical exercises into a comprehensive and straightforward guide covering every aspect of writing one’s CV. In addition, one also has plenty of opportunity to consider one’s options and target job hunting so that success is more likely. Written with the commitment to her readers that Cherry brings to all her clients, this is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to move on in their career. I am already recommending it to my clients.’
Deborah Henry-Pollard – Catching Fireworks

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So how will the Workbook help?

When you buy The CV & Resume Workbook you will get:

A 12 Step Action Guide to walk you through the process of putting your CV or resume together, including…

  • Finding out exactly what the recruiter wants
  • Identifying what you have to offer
  • Being clear about how you match the recruiters’ needs
  • Working out which style of resume will be right for you
  • Deciding which sections to use to promote yourself effectively
  • Discovering how to write convincingly about what you have to offer
  • Designing the visual appearance of your CV

You will also get…

  • A Check List of Common CV & Resume Errors so you can be sure not to fall into those traps yourself
  • Job Analysis Worksheet which will help you tease out the skills you have developed through your work and beyond
  • An Action Words Prompt List to ensure that the content of your CV presents you as positively as possible with strong words that have real impact
  • A Skills Prompt List to refer to so you can be sure that you haven’t missed your key offering
  • An Evidence Record. Proof of your skills makes all the difference and using this will ensure that you can back up your claims
  • A Referees Record so you can keep track of the people who are willing to provide glowing references for you
  • A CV and Resume Checklist to use once you have drafted your resume to make sure you have got it right
  • Advice on what to leave out of your CV so you keep the focus positive and don’t distract the recruiter with irrelevant detail
  • A list of Recommended Resources so you can do further reading and research if you so wish
  • And many, many more tips and hints to help you get it right!
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The CV & Resume Workbook is a practical guide that will take you on a step-by-step journey through the process of preparing a CV.

At each stage, there are action steps for you to take so that you gradually build up the information you need and assemble a resume that will really catch the recruiter’s eye.

When you have worked through all 12 action steps and followed the additional tips and suggestions, I am confident that your CV or resume will be a much more effective promotional tool than it was before.

‘If you really want to ‘Get That Job’, you need to apply the professional secrets and techniques that Cherry Douglas reveals to you in The CV & Resume Workbook. Your CV/Resume is Your Personal Sales Pitch…and Cherry shows you how to craft yours so that you should stand head and shoulders above other candidates. After all, why be ‘one of the pack’ when you could use Cherry’s techniques to be first over the winning line? Well done, Cherry! The real value to the job-seeker of the secrets you share in your The CV & Resume Workbook are astronomically more than its very modest price.’
John Williamson – The Wealth Coach

So what’s it worth to you?

As John Williamson, The Wealth Coach has said in his testimonial above, The CV & Resume Workbook is ‘worth astronomically more than its very modest price.’

So why am I not selling it for more?

In keeping with the spirit of this whole website, I want you to be able to access this information easily to help you to transform your CV & resume writing and enable you to achieve your career change this year.

That’s why I’ve deliberately kept the price really low.

I’m offering you The CV & Resume Workbook


Are you ready to get to work on transforming your CV into a winner and taking a big step towards the career you really want? Well, you can’t say the price is stopping you! At just $17 you really have got nothing to lose!

Just click the button and you can download your copy of The CV & Resume Workbook right away.

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‘A really useful and practical guide to producing a relevant and winning CV for every job you apply for. Cherry guides you through a complete thought process and fact finding mission to make sure you present yourself in the best possible way to prospective employers. If you follow her guide you will also end up with a valuable pool of information for yourself that you will always be able to draw on. Highly recommended.’
Sonja Adams – Print Junction


Many thanks for The CV and Resume Workbook. I have read it and used it as part of my teaching material for my classes and found it a very useful tool. It was very clear and gave good pointers for writing CVs and resumes for different situations which was an eye opener for me as in the past, I used the same CV for every job I went for.
Julie Matthias – Just Soe

Why wait?

  • Don’t stay in that job that is driving you to distraction.
  • Don’t carry on sending in no-hope resumes that waste your time and the recruiters’.
  • Don’t put up with yet more rejection letters without even being interviewed.

Download The CV & Resume Workbook now, and make the changes to your job applications that will make the difference between success and rejection!

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For only $17, this could be just what you need to help your next job application be the winning one!

Once your payment has been processed via the secure PayPal website, you will be taken to a download page where you will have instant access to The CV & Resume Workbook.

The delivery process is fully automated and you can download your copy immediately.

Look out for the yellow box on the Thank You page which gives you the link to access your copy!

The instructions and download box look like this…

To access your copy of The CV & Resume Workbook, just right click on the link below, select Save Link As… and save to the hard drive on your computer.

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The CV & Resume Workbook

Obviously the link above is not a live one – it is just to show you what to look out for on the Thank You page once you have purchased your copy!

‘This is an excellent book which covers every aspect of putting together your CV in detail. Clearly and logically laid out into ‘easy to find’ sections, it carefully goes through each area of the CV or resume, giving you blank sections to complete elements of your own as you work through it. The book delves deep into exactly what details should and should not be included. By breaking each area down into manageable chunks, it makes the whole process seem much less daunting and it will give you the confidence to go out and get the job you want.’
Caroline Aitken, Director, Acorn Communications

And as an extra bonus

I am delighted to be able to offer you an extra bonus when you buy The CV & Resume Workbook.

Nick Williams, who runs the Inspired Entrepreneur’s Club, has given me permission to share his Power Tools for Building the Possible Dream with you.

Nick co-wrote this with Barbara Winter and it is a fantastic shot of inspiration to encourage you follow your dream rather than just do more of what you have always done.

‘Too often we decide to follow a path that is not really our own, one that others have set for us.’
Paulo Coehlo

If sending off yet another CV leaves you with a sinking heart and a sense that you could be doing something more than this, take a look at this inspirational ebook to get you thinking about the other possibilities for your life and career.

In it you will read about:

  • Nick and Barbara’s own stories of how they built their dreams
  • The 16 driving forces of a Dream Builder
  • Creating the 6 pillars of Dream Building
  • The 5 biggest obstacles for Dream Builders
  • Turning your dreams into income – 6 easy ways to start a business
  • And much more.

When you pay for your copy of The CV & Resume Workbook, you will find link to the Power Tools for Building the Possible Dream on the download page.

My guarantee to you

guaranteeI believe that this ebook offers you great value – and the testimonials on this page show you that others think so too. It gives you 122 pages packed full of information that I know will make a big difference your CV or Resume.

But let me make your purchase totally risk free. If you genuinely believe that this ebook is not one of the most
comprehensive guides to CV & Resume writing you have seen, then just get in touch with me within 30 daysof your purchase and I will give you a full refund while you get to keep the book and the bonuses.

So what have you got to lose? Just click the Paypal button below and you will be on the way to a winning CV and a better job.

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 The CV & Resume Workbook


Power Tools for Building the Possible Dream

For just $17.00

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‘A really useful and practical workbook. Packed with some amazing pointers to guide you through the whole minefield process of planning and reflection to help you achieve the perfect CV. Thank you so much.’
Christine o’Neill – Deja Vu