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 Create Opportunities

Are you stuck in the wrong job and waiting for a career change opportunity?

An honest suggestion is to create opportunities rather than just waiting for them to happen. If you need more help, check out this article.

Don't Change Career!

Looking for the right career change move? A new career is not always the right answer.

Read the valuable advice from the 5-minute career coach on whether you should change your career or not.

Change is Hard!

If you're up to a career change, you must know that it won't always be a simple process. Sometimes the change is harder than you expect.

Read the tips from the 5-minute career coach, who has been helping the career changers around the world.

Committed to a Career Change?

If you're really committed to your career change, be sure to have a bigger goal in mind; but don’t let it become an overwhelming burden.

Read this article about the career change commitment and share your thoughts with others.

Magic Answer

There is no magic methodology that will ensure a perfect solution for your career change. One thing that will certainly help is to start looking around as you move - new things will come into view and new ideas will emerge.

Read this if you're hoping to find the magic answer to making a successful career change.

Love to Change Career, but?

Do you love to change career, but are always confused whether it's the right time?

Rather than turning away, it is an opportunity to explore how you can find the knowledge or help you need to move on.

Mind Your Language!

Words sometimes speak louder than actions. Do you really mind your language? Take a look at some of the phrases you commonly use to express yourself and your situation.

Perhaps it's time to wake up to the subtle power of language - time to change your words.

Making Decisions!

Are you good at making decisions? When you're making a career change but not finding the right answer, just stop and review how you are trying to make that decision.

Be sure to check out the process of your decision-making with the acronym WRAP.

Make a Difference!

Want To Make A Difference? Is this what is prompting your need for a change of career? To transform a vision into reality, you need to explore further by breaking it down a little.

Check out this article if you want to make a difference to your career.

The Don't Do List

Many of us use a to-do list in order to streamline our lives and careers, but have you ever tried a "don't-do" list to avoid distractions and stay away from the bad?

Check out our "don't-do" list and see if it's applicable to your life or not.

Unhelpful Thoughts

When you are trying to make a career change, sometimes you get a lot of negative vibes. These thoughts are always distracting and make you doubt yourself and your ability to make the changes you want to make.

Check out this article about how to overcome these unhelpful thoughts and make the right decisions. 

Well-formed Outcomes

If you're not good at following your New Year's resolutions in your practical life, creating well-formed outcomes will generally lead to greater success than these resolutions.

Read on to find out why.

Timing in Your Career Change

Timing in your career change is essential for success. A decision taken at the right time can earn you success, but how to calculate whether it's the right time for this decision. Not sure?

Check out this article to learn different ways to get it right.

Thinking Sideways

Do you think sideways? A straight line is not always the route to success. Thinking sideways can be really important for career changers.

All you need to do is jot down a clear path ahead that will take you to the perfect career.

Acknowledge Your Successes

This year is about to end, and before saying goodbye, why not take a review of your career and acknowledge your successes?

Learning from your mistakes makes sense, but evaluating your successes and turning them into bigger achievements will take your career to another level.

Optimist or Pessimist

We all have good and bad days in our career - what's more important is how you respond to these challenges.

If you're not sure about your personality, here you can find whether you are generally optimistic or pessimistic in your attitude.

Looking for a New Career?

Time For A New Career? Not for all of you, but you can still make it happen.

There is often a bit of resistance, but all you need to do is to keep pushing. It is only impossible if that is what you decide.

Read more about changing a new career.

Big Goals or Baby Steps?

Do you like challenges or do you find them off-putting? If you like them, that’s great; if not, don’t worry - your approach is not wrong, just different.

The slow and steady policy will not always work for you; sometimes you just need to be more aggressive to achieve your career goals.

Read on to find out more about your type of goal setting.

Fear of Rejection

Is fear of rejection holding you back? Changing careers is scary and you are stepping into the unknown - but don't let this defeat you.

If you do your homework before making the change, your success is guaranteed. If you're still unsure, why not check out this article?

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking might not be the most helpful strategy for success, but it can be incredibly powerful in some aspects.

Despite trying to look forward through the mists to identify a goal that is hard to make out, consider instead what you don’t want in your work and life.

Willing to Change

Where there's a will, there's a way - but what are you willing to change and do you really think that the change will work for you?

If you want your life to be different, it is easy to look around you and see all the things that are getting in your way.

Read on to find out more.

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