Finding Your Passion

by Blossom

How do I get to know my passion in particular area?

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How Do I Find My Passion?
by: Cherry

How do you know your passion? I guess there are many ways you can explore this question. Here are a few to try.

If money were no object and you could spend your time doing whatever you wanted, what would it be? You might initially think you would just relax and do nothing, but you’d be bored after a few weeks or months, so then what would you do? What kind of activities would you choose to give your time to?

If you could look back on your life and work from a great age, what do you want to be looking back on? What would make you feel proud? I don’t mean what would impress others – what would be important to you? What impact would you like to have in the world?

Thinking of your life up to now, when have you been so engrossed in something that time passed without you noticing. This may have happened at work or it may have occurred in other parts of your life. What were you doing that captured your attention so completely?

Imagine you have been given a hour of prime time television and all the resources you need to make a programme to show in that time, (including any presenters you'd like to host the show if you prefer to have a behind the scenes role, what message would you share with the world? What stories would you tell to help inspire others, to make the world a better place?

If you could fast forward into the future and write a letter to yourself as you are now, what advice would you give? Where would you say that you should be focusing your attention? What are the natural strengths and talents you should be developing? What potential lies within that is waiting to be given to the world?

And don't forget to ask others too. We are so quick to put ourselves down, to fail to see the gifts we use so naturally that they don't feel so special. But other people will recognise them. Ask for feedback, ask your friends and family what is special about you and really listen to the answers. What does this say about where your natural passion shines through?

If you want more help in discovering your passion, then I really recommend that you read Nick Williams' book The Work We Were Born To Do ( and if you want a regular dose of encouragement to help you find your passion, then join the Inspired Entrepreneur's Club ( and get instant free access to 26 inspiring talks from speakers at the Club. I go along to the IE Club meetings regularly and can personally vouch for how good they are. But you don't need to be in the UK to benefit. Silver level Club membership is designed for members outside the UK and you can get one month's trial membership of the Club for only £1. Too good to miss!

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