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Career change success stories are always inspiring to read – and one of the comments I get from time to time about this website is that visitors would like to hear about other people's career stories.

Hearing what someone else has done, their successes and their failures, helps make them feel less isolated in their struggle to find a career that will truly satisfy them.

You have probably already read about MY career story, but how about sharing yours? Just click the button to get started.

More about sharing your story

This section on the How To Change Careers website is designed to allow you to do just that – share YOUR career change success stories.

Wherever you are in your career, in a good place or a bad place, there will be other career changers out there who will be helped and encouraged to hear about your story.

So go on, use the box below to tell us about your career, how it has unfolded and where you would like to see it going.

Still hesitating?

Perhaps you don't feel that your career is a great success story – don't worry, that just makes it more real. The stories do not all have to be successes. We often learn more from things that haven't gone quite right. Use this space to have a rant and let off steam if you need to!

Other visitors to How To Change Careers will read your story and will be able to comment and possibly give you tips and advice. By posting your story here, you will have a worldwide support community at your fingertips.

Here are a few ideas of the kind of thing you could write about:

  • What made you chose your career – was it a planned and conscious choice or did you just fall into it? With hindsight, was it a mistake?

  • What do you love about your job and what frustrates you and makes you want to scream (go on, you can let off steam here!)

  • What kind of career do you dream about and how far have you got in making the switch?

  • What questions do you have that other career changers may be able to help you with?

  • What is getting in the way of you changing career direction?

  • If you could live your life 5 times over, what careers would you choose?

  • If you have changed career, what advice would you give to others who are trying to take that bold step?

  • Celebrate your success! If you have just got a new job, tell us how it's going.

I hope these give you a few ideas, bit feel free to take a different angle if you want!

This is your space to share. There is a great How To Change Careers community out there (there are visitors from over 130 countries), keen to hear your career change success stories and ready to give you support and encouragement. So go on, put finger to keyboard and tell the world!

What's YOUR Career Story?

Everyone has a story to tell about their career. It could be how you made a successful career move or it might be a story about The Boss From Hell and how you dealt with him/her. Whatever it is, you can make someone smile or give them some inspiration and encouragement. What’s your career story?

Read other Career Stories to inspire and encourage you!

Click on the links below to see the stories other visitors to this page have shared about their careers...

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Although I was taught at school that having a career was important - I was never advised to take some time out to really consider who I am and what career …

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Hi, my name is Nicola Knight and I am a 22 year old with a big dream - and I am making it happen. I left school at the age of 16 with a few GCSE's …

Quality over Quantity 
So there I was, sitting in my dining room with my wife with the first of the bright, warm Spring sunshine of 2009 beaming through our patio windows. Our …

Life After Bankruptcy 
I always sought the perfect career in the same way that I went on a quest for the perfect husband... I just knew "The One" was out there! I tried traditional …

Becoming a Virtual Teacher 
I'm 55 and all my professional life I have been a teacher and loved it. It's a vocation for me and I think that makes me very lucky. But it hasn't always …

Click here to write your own.

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