Who Will You Be?

You get to choose – starting from today!

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Who will you be – it’s up to you!

I’m writing this at the turn of the year and of course that means it’s New Year resolution time again, so what are you lining up for the year ahead?

Are you trotting out the old favourites? Lose weight, give up smoking, get fit…even finally change career?

Yet, it seems to me that we often end up choosing the wrong things year after year and then wonder why they fail to stick. We always try to do something different instead of aiming to be someone different.

What does that mean and why does it matter?

Well, just stop and take stock of the things you have tried to achieve over the last year that have not come about and ask yourself why. More specifically what is it about you that has stopped these things happening?

It is very easy to blame other people or circumstances when things don’t go to plan in life, but at the end of the day, you are the one in charge. It is the kind of person you are which shapes the way you approach the challenges in life and so this is where you need to focus first.

So what kind of person are you?

You may think you are a fixed personality, but in fact you get to choose who will you will be.

How do you assess yourself right now?  Are you the one who always plays safe, stays small, goes for the easy but uninspiring option? Do you follow what others say or do rather than making up your own mind? Do you regard challenge as something to avoided at all costs and aim to keep your head down and hope to stay out of trouble? Do you tend to just shrug your shoulders when things get tough and say with a resigned sigh ‘that’s the way things are’.

If any of these sound even a little bit familiar, just ask how well being that kind of person has served you when the challenges of life have arrived at your door (and you know they will at some point – you can’t avoid them forever!)

Now take a look at the following.

I am the kind of person who…

  • always gets up again when I am knocked back
  • will find something positive in any situation
  • takes control of the direction my own life is going in
  • is willing to take a risk to move forward
  • constantly seeks out opportunities to learn new things
  • will ask for help and support when I need it rather than just soldiering on
  • looks for the lesson in misfortune and uses it as the basis of the next step onwards
  • takes action to escape a situation that is dragging me down
  • is determined to make the most of who I am and who I have the potential to become
  • refuses to be fettered by my past conditioning
  • who has the determination and staying power to see things through.

How do these sound to you? Like the kind of person you would like to be? Like the kind of person who could make the changes you want in your life?

Did I hear a ‘Yes, but…’ out there somewhere?

Hmmm, thought so!

OK, of course you will not transform your habits of being overnight in one fell swoop. But you can start with just one or two adjustments. Why not just try them on for the day and see how you get on?

You decide who you will be

If you start being a different person, just a tiny step at a time, then you will find it easier to start doing the things that will give you the life you want.

Remember the famous quote by Gandhi

‘Be the changes you want to see in the world’

All change begins with you who choose to be.

So who will you be in the year ahead?

Something to think about

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The meaning of life is giving your gift away.”
~ David Viscott ~

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