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Here are some great resources to help you with your career change

girl explorerAs you can imagine, I spend quite a lot of time on the internet researching and reviewing information on careers, career change and related matters. There is so much stuff out there, some of it better than others and it can be quite a struggle sorting out what is going to be useful.

So to help you focus your search on things that will really benefit you, I have gathered together some free resources and information on careers that I think are worthwhile.

One or two are my own, but I have also collected other useful information as I have found it on my travels round the world wide web!

Just click on the links below to access or download the free information.

 Top Ten Career Change Articles

I have been writing articles on career change for some time. This is a selection of the most popular articles I have written providing information on careers, bundled together in an easy to read format –with a bonus article at the end.

Click here to access a pdf of the Top Ten Career Change Articles

Solo Build It

As you know, I am a great fan of Solo Build It. I used it to build this website and it is a brilliant way of creating an alternative income stream which could be your freedom ticket out of the job you hate. It could even develop into the new career you are dreaming of. Take a look at these two ebooks which will give you the low down on how you can work from home and make an income through affiliate programmes.

Click here to access a pdf of the Work At Home Masters Course
Click here to access a pdf of the Affiliate Masters Course

And don’t forget the whole of this website is free, so just click the links below to get information on careers related issues such as…

Understanding your personality and how it relates to your career

Working out where to begin when you are thinking of a career change

Reviewing career themes and ideas that may be of interest to you

Getting to know yourself better so your next career is the right one for you

Working out what you really want from a career

Getting your cv or resume up to scratch

Keeping going when your motivation for making a change of career is fading

Dealing with the biggest ‘yes, but…’ that stops career changers (yes, the money issue)

What free resources do you recommend?

And if you have found any great free careers resources on your travels around cyberspace, do let me know and I will add them to the list so that others can benefit from them. Just contact me via the form on this page.

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