Your Career Story

What’s yours called?

Working on your career self assessment

Your life is a story and you are the author of that story.  And all good stories need a title.

So let’s play with that idea for a while.

Look at your career to date, stop and reflect on how it has unfolded, the decisions you have made, the progress and the blind alleys.  What kind of story is it?

A rollercoaster drama? A TV soap? A mundane tale of everyday folk? A triumph of spirit over adversity? Does it make you smile, groan with embarrassment, or weep at the missed opportunities?

What’s your ‘old’ career story called?

So how could you sum this up in a succinct title that captures the overall feeling of how your career has been up to now?

I know when I did this exercise some years ago now, the title I came up with was ‘Same old same old’.  You can tell from that title that I was feeling very stuck in my job at that point and needed to do something to ensure that I was not going to carry on doing the same old thing for much longer!

So what title springs to your mind for your career story?

Don’t worry if it is a rather gloomy title – maybe this is the first time you’ve looked back and acknowledged to yourself that you have been trudging along for some time now. But what’s more important is that you don’t want to stay lumbered with that title if it doesn’t represent something you like.

Let your gloomy title be a wake up call!

Now it’s time to turn things around

What are you going to call the next volume of your career story?  Remember YOU are the author of this story so you get to choose what comes next.  How do you want the next stage to turn out and how will you encapsulate that in the title of the story?

  • Out of the Darkness Into The Light
  • A New Beginning
  • The Penny Finally Dropped
  • Tomorrow Will Be Too Late
  • What the Heck, Just Go For It!

If any of those titles resonate with you – make you smile or feel like they ring true for you, then that gives you the positive sense of direction to counterbalance the uninspiring  title you came up with first.

Once you have your new title, you can begin writing the next volume of your work and life story under a new and more inspiring banner.  And if you like, you can do that literally.

Get yourself a nice notebook and start writing about how your future career will look.  As you are writing, keep reminding yourself of the title of this new chapter in your life because it will keep you focused on how the next stage of your working life will turn out.

As Hamlet said ‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.’  Thinking and writing about the positive and exciting aspects of your future career will keep the vision firmly in your mind. It will colour your whole mindset and help shape future possibilities for the better.

What do you think?

  • How has your ‘old’ career story title held you back in the past?
  • How does your new career story title give you a positive vision for the future?
  • Why not share your career story titles – both the before and the after? They may inspire others as well as you!

The 5 Minute Career Coach February 2015

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