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When you are trying to make a career change there are often moments when you just feel you need and injection of career inspiration to help you turn your vision into reality.

I hope that you are finding the pages of the How To Change Careers website an inspiration – but I would like to introduce you to someone who has been a great inspiration to me as a Career Coach and in the career changes I have made in more recent years (yes, I am a career
changer too!)

Nick Williams

Nick Williams is the author of the book The Work We Were Born to Do – and if you do nothing else, I recommend that you read this!

He is someone who is committed to helping others find a way of doing the work that they love and who gives incredibly generously of his time to help make this happen.

With this in mind, he has created the Spiritual Pro Community so that he can share ideas, information, support and encouragement with everyone who is dreaming of living and authentic and inspired life and changing to a career that they will love.

I am adding information about Nick to my website because I really want as many people as possible to know about him and to be able to benefit from his warm generosity, support and encouragement as I have done and to get the career inspiration that they need.

Here’s how Nick can help you

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Join the Spiritual Pro Community

Get your career inspiration from the great speakers at Nick’s Events

Read Nick’s books for ongoing inspiration


Join The Spiritual Pro Community

Nick has set up a Community specifically for people who want to find work that really feels true to them, that comes from the heart and is a way of really giving something back to the world.

The purpose of the Community is to support you in your spiritual growth and expression and to get past your resistance so you can show up in the world with you and what you were born to do. The community fosters both your growth and your skilfulness, and operates from a basis of deep self-love and self-acceptance rather than self-improvement. One major goal is simply to get you in motion and to keep your inspired momentum going.

There are three levels of membership offering a range of benefits.

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Core Group

London Live

London Immersion

Events coming up

Find out more about the speaker events coming up soon.

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Inspirational Books

I recommend that you start with Nick’s best known book…

Nick Williams

The Work We Were Born To Do
Here’s what the blurb says:

Would you like a more fulfilling work life? Do you want a job that’s creative, exciting and rewarding? That allows you to be who you truly are? Then you need to discover the work you were born to do.

Leading work expert Nick Williams has identified the 12 principles of the work we were born to do. He shows us how we can activate these principles to amazing effect and utilise our inner power at whatever stage we have reached in our working lives. The Work We Were Born To Do shows how to discover your purpose and reveals how to make money following your heart’s desire. It will help undo any conditioning that has held you back, exploring ways to build work from the inside out, using heart, spirit, essence and inspiration.

Also available from Nick Williams

Business You Were Born To Create

The Business You Were Born To Create

This is the definitive handbook for Inspired Entrepreneurs. In it, Nick reveals why right now is the time to start an inspired business through which you can share your unique gifts, make a difference to others, and serve a higher purpose.

Using a potent combination of ancient wisdom, spiritual insight and ground-breaking entrepreneurial thinking, he shows how a whole new way of working is possible for you.

In this new book, Nick explains why there is a new entrepreneurial spirit emerging on our planet, and maps out the exciting territory that you’ll pioneer when you move from a day job into self-employment doing work you love.

How To Be Inspired

How To Be Inspired

Most of us know to experience occasional glimpses of inspiration, but few of us know to access that state each and every day, and build our life upon inspiration.

According to Nick Williams perpetual inspiration is quite possible, when we know how to align ourselves to it. Nick shows that inspiration is a phenomenon, an evolutionary force and can be a constant companion in our life’s journey when we know how to overcome our fears and resistance. We can succeed through inspiration, not sacrifice.

Whether you are seeking career inspiration, a more inspired life, or already live one, How To Be Inspired is a year book of 54 glorious nuggets, insights and practical suggestions to lift every Inspired Entrepreneurs’ soul.

The 12 Principles

The 12 Principles of the Work We Were Born To Do

In this book, Nick identifies the twelve principles of the work we were born to do.

He shows how we can activate these principles to amazing effect and utilise our inner power at whatever stage we have reached in our working lives. A 128 page synopsis of the principles of The Work We Were
Born to Do with extra exercises.

I hope all these amazing resources from Nick will give you that extra bit of career inspiration that you need to boost you on your career change journey.

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