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Career change resources can sometimes be hard to assess. There are just so many sites out there, how do you begin to work out what might be useful? And when you find a good resource, can you always find it again a week or so later?

As you can imagine, I have roamed widely round the internet to uncover useful resources and websites relating to career change. I am confident that the How To Change Careers website offers you lots of great tips on changing careers, but it can never be totally comprehensive.

So what I aim to offer with the links listed below is to give you some additional recommended career change resources to help you as you explore your career change ideas.

As you see, these are all links that relate to specific careers. This is a step away from the core focus of this site, which is how to assess yourself and come up with a new career idea that will be right for you.

Specific Career Areas

Careers in Event Planning
Become an event planner! The event industry explained. Learn about event jobs and the many different opportunities for careers in event planning, and how to find your dream job.

Graphic Design Employment
If you are thinking of moving to graphic design for a career or just want to build your skills before considering this move, then the Graphic Design Employment website is a great place to start.

Starting a Personal Training Business
Would you like to become a Personal Trainer and run your own business? Make sure your next step is this site. It contains absolutely everything you need to get started!

A Child Care Business At Home
This site shares what one successful business owner has learned in 32 experience of profitable, rewarding home child care jobs. Just read on to get answers to all your questions and achieve fast success as a sought after child care provider.

Working with Animals
Working with animals is one of the dreams many would-be career changers hold. Is it really for you? Take a look at the Animal Careers & Jobs website for a wealth of practical information to help you decide if this is really the career for you.

Guide to Becoming A Train Driver
Your complete guide on how to become a train driver trainee in the UK, information on the train driver recruitment process, and where to find train driver trainee vacancies and jobs in the UK.

Become a Nurse Now
There are so many ways to become a nurse that the information can be overwhelming. Learn about these different avenues from a nurse and decide for yourself if this is the career for you and the best way for YOU to go about it!

Acting Career Start Up Guide
Necessary and concrete first steps and often overlooked information about how to start an acting career; down to earth and user friendly, for actors new to the business or for actors who need to kick start their careers.

If you know of any good quality websites that relate to particular careers, then do drop me a line via my contact page and I will add them to this list.

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