Taking the time to reflect and explore

by Rachel Davies

Although I was taught at school that having a career was important - I was never advised to take some time out to really consider who I am and what career I would actually most enjoy.

There is a sense of rushing when you leave school. 'Go to University, it will help you get a great job', demanded the teachers and so without taking the time to think about it I applied for the first course which took my interest.

As a result a few years later I felt unfulfilled and unhappy in my job that I had trained to do at University. Although I had no other job to go to my instincts were telling me that I had to quit my job, so I did.

It was the best decision I could have made.

Even though I haven't found my next direction in life yet, I am taking the much needed time out that I didn't do in school to explore my options and most of all to find out who I am.

Because I know that for me to find the right career then discovering who I am is the most important thing I can do. Once I have a better understanding of myself than I can find my new direction.

What I have discovered from my experience is that I think part of the reason we take so many wrong turns is that we slip into the rat race which takes place around us. We feel pressured and rushed in life. This means that we don't give ourselves the time or space to reflect and explore what we actually want.

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Dec 16, 2011
Great advice - have the courage to break free!
by: Cherry

Thank you so much for sharing your story!

It is so true that many people just find themselves in jobs by default or as a result of pressure from others regarding what they 'should' do.

Not so many have the courage to strike out like you have done. I admire you for seeing what had to be done AND doing it.

I have no doubt that with some time for reflection, as you say, you will find a new role that will be more fulfilling.

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