Printable Job Application Forms

Different examples for you to try

When you are job seeking, you will find it helpful to have some examples of printable job application forms to practise on.

Take a look at the examples I have provided below.

Each one is available for you to download as a zipped file so you can type directly on to it once you have saved it to your computer, and also as a pdf which you can scribble handwritten notes on.

They are all slightly different layouts and each one asks different questions in different ways. This means you can try out answering the different kinds of questions that come up on forms and get used to the way you need to plan how you are going to get your key 'selling points' across.

Example 1

Printable Application Form 1 – zip file

Printable Application Form 1– pdf file

This is a classic example where there is a big blank space at the end for your own statement where you have to give details of the skills and experience you have that are relevant for the job. This can be a gift and a challenge. The big white space is daunting, but if you follow their guidelines and frame your statement around the requirements of the role, you should be able to make a good impression.

Example 2

Printable Application Form 2 – zip file

Printable Application Form 2 – pdf file

The challenge with this example is that they ask for specific examples of different types of experience. This forces you to dig out evidence for particular areas that the employer is looking for. You could adapt this form for your own use by inserting the experience that is mentioned on the person specification for the role you are considering. They then ask for a separate personal statement which challenges you to find something fresh to say about why you are the right person for the job.

Example 3

Printable Application Form 3 – zip file

Printable Application Form 3 – pdf file

This third example puts more emphasis on how you 'unpack' the experience you have gained in each of your previous jobs. You need to review each job

carefully and decide what you want to highlight in the limited space available, ensuring that you use each job to promote something different and that what you describe meets the needs of the potential employer.

So use these printable job application forms freely to ensure that you have lots of experience with forms before you need to do one for real. If you

have done all the planning and preparation in advance, it will be a much quicker and easier job to complete a real application.

Use them for real jobs too

You could even us these to apply for jobs where they have simply said 'apply in writing'. If you feel that the design of the printable job application forms I have provided allows you to present yourself more effectively, then why not give it a try?

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