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If you really hate your current work, you may be tempted to rush into a new line of work. Anything has got to be better than your current job!

But before you rush into choosing a new career direction, it is essential that you stop and take stock so that you don't just end up repeating the same mistakes.

Where to begin?

You start by taking an long, hard look at yourself.  Let's face it, if you don't really know much about yourself, how will you be able to assess if a new career will be a good fit?

There is loads of information on this site that will help you to discover more about what makes you tick. 

Why not get started right now by reading some of the articles below?

Big Goals Or Baby Steps?

When did you last climb a mountain?  OK, it doesn’t have to be a physical one – you may prefer to use this idea as a metaphor.

When did you last undertake a big challenge that you knew would be a bit of a long haul, one that stretched you, a goal where you experienced moments along the way where your commitment began to waver?

Are you running out of fingers as you count off the instances, or are you still scratching your head as you try to find an example? Read on...

Review Your Skills

Carrying out a personal skills audit is an important step when you are planning a career change.

If you are serious about changing careers, then you need to build up a detailed understanding of your strengths and talents. If you are clear on this, then you can assess career ideas with your skills and strengths in mind.

Work which allows you to do what you are good at will be more fulfilling for you and your employer is likely to be happier with the results you produce too! Read on...

Are You A Builder Or A Maintainer?

OK, this is making a very broad distinction, but when you look at how people like to work, you will find that they mostly fall into one category or the other.

So what do I mean by Builders and Maintainers?

This distinction is described by Jim Bright in his book Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Let me start by asking you a few questions.

Are you a Big Picture person or do you prefer to focus on getting the detail right?

Do you love being involved in creating something new or do you enjoy making a ‘well oiled system’ run smoothly? Read on...

Which Animal Are You?

This is an exercise I have done myself and used with clients too and I was reminded of it as I was watching the dogs and their owners in the local park this morning.

So let me ask you – if you were to pick an animal to describe how you are in your life right now, what would it be? Read on...

What's It All About?

OK, it is time to look a little deeper.

It is only too easy when you are considering a career change, to focus on superficial details without ever really dipping down to explore the heart of the matter. So you revise your resume, your scour the job ads and look for career ideas that seem to match with your skills.

Or maybe you do some Read on...

Who Will You Be?

Who will you be - it's up to you!

I'm writing this at the turn of the year and of course that means it's New Year resolution time again, so what are you lining up for the year ahead?

Are you trotting out the old favourites? Lose weight, give up smoking, get fit...even finally change career? Read on...

Know Your Strengths

Could you sell used cars?

Now you may be relieved to hear that I am not suggesting this as a possible new career option for you to consider – although of course it is the perfect job for some people, so I don't want to knock it!

But what can you learn from Read on...

You Matter Most

Realising that you matter most is not self centred or indulgent.  When you are planning a change of career, taking a closer look at you is the best place to start.

Before you can really promote yourself to a prospective employer, you need to really know what you are 'selling'. It's YOU.

This article was prompted when Read on...

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