Are You The Horse
Or The Rider?

Another great video from Nic Askew

Are you the Horse or the Rider in your life?

This question is inspired by another of Nic Askew’s great Soul Biography videos

You can watch it here...

Rick Sapio believes we are all hard wired for entrepreneurship but that society tends to deaden that capacity by seeming to take over that responsibility.  Good in some ways, but it disempowers the individual and encourages the idea that you just wait for things to be done for you.

But what does he mean by entrepreneurship?

Simply the capacity for taking responsibility for outcomes, for deciding whether we will be the horse or the rider. This can be within a job, within your own business of simply within your role as parent or community member.

Horse or rider? Rick’s story tells us that whichever one you choose, life will become the other.  So if you choose to be the horse, life will be the rider and will take you where it wants you to go. Or you can be the rider and take charge of your life and ride it any way you want to go.

So which are you, horse or rider?

Rick has faced many challenges in his life and yet he continues to take responsibility for riding his horse onwards and upwards, despite what he has had to deal with.

Taking responsibility is not just about life in general but more specifically discovering and then living and sharing your unique purpose.  This doesn’t have to be something grand – it could be a simple role or task in your place of work or in your community. 

But the key is to take responsibility for sharing that purpose right now, not tomorrow or next week.

How can you live and share your purpose now?

Once you start, then providence will step in and assist you.

And if you don’t? If you don’t discover your purpose? If you don’t take responsibility? If you don’t decide whether to be horse or rider?

Then you are just waiting for life to happen.

Is that the way you want to live? Just waiting?

Now there’s a thought…

What do you think?

  • What will you do now to discover and share your purpose?
  • Which are you - horse or rider?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for outcomes in your life and work?

Over to you

I'd love to hear your thoughts about what you just read! Do share in the comment box below.

From the Five Minute Career Coach September 2014

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