Finding Happiness

by Alex Gurney
(Orpington, Kent)

I was a legal secretary and had come out of A levels straight into office jobs. I had no clue what career I wanted to pursue but had always had an interest in Human Biology. However, having been rubbish at Chemistry and Physics I was not allowed to take an A level in Biology.

So I settled for what I was good at, which was typing and office work. I hated it. I worked in London for several years and was earning good money but extremely unhappy.

An Adult Education brochure came through the door and I saw that they offered a course in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. This appealed to me and gave me something to do in the evenings.

I studied for a year and did various case studies and realised that THIS was what I wanted to do. I gradually built up a client base and was visiting clients of an evening and weekends which was very tiring.

I still struggled to believe I could make it happen, despite positive feedback and encouragement from clients.

I used to treat my Nan once a week to an hour full body massage and she was always telling me I had "healing hands" and that life was too short to do something you hate.

My wonderful Nan passed away very suddenly whilst I was on holiday. It was the kick up the rear that I needed.

I couldn't stay in the monotonous job and not pursue my dreams, especially as they were her dreams for me too. I was getting married the following year so my legal secretarial job allowed me to save lots of money for that. But I realised if I didn't make the leap then, quit the full time job and start the business, I never would.

Once the wedding would be over, there would be cars, or a house or holiday. You always need money for something. So I talked to my soon-to-be-husband and he was great. We agreed I'd have to get a part time job locally until my business brought in enough money. So that's what I did!

Twelve years later I own a very successful Holistic Therapy business. I am extremely happy, and I get up every day knowing that I did this. I made this happen. I work very hard, but its all mine, and its all worth it!

Do it!

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Oct 16, 2012
Yes, it is possible!
by: Cherry

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and heart-felt story, Alex. I am sure it will resonate with many visitors to this site who find themselves doing a job they hate.

It can be so hard to persuade yourself that there really is an alternative way that will work - but you have done it and shown that it can!

I have no doubt that your story will be an inspiration to others who are hesitating.

Follow Alex's advice - just do it!

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