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What's In Your Toy Box? The 5 Minute Career Coach August 2011 Update
August 15, 2011

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August 2011 Update


What's in your Toy Box?

Imagine if you gave a child a fabulous box of toys of all different kinds – soft cuddly ones, educational ones, technical ones, complicated ones that took time to master, delicate ones, robust and unbreakable ones, ones that inspired imagination, ones that were intended to involve others and ones to play with alone...

I guess you would hope that the child would dive in and play with them all. You'd hope that they would try them all out, experiment with them and explore them and really make the most of the treasure trove you had given them.

And if you found that the child just picked out one or two and ignored the rest, you'd feel a little disappointed.

You'd think it was a shame that they were not making the most of what was available to them. You'd be sorry that they were not trying out the more challenging ones or that they were avoiding the delicate ones because they were worried that they might break them.

You'd be thinking 'what a waste'.

Your Own Toy Box

Well, at the end of the day, your life is just like that kind of wonderful toy box. It contains a world of opportunities and possibilities that have been given to you to explore.

So are you playing with all the toys in your box?

Or are you being the cautious type who just selects one or two and who only plays with what is familiar?

What are you leaving lying in the bottom of the box?

If you are hesitating about changing the direction of your career, think of it in terms of an opportunity to dive into your toy box and have a good rummage! Who knows what you will find in there that will fire your imagination and stretch your abilities?

We have all been given a box of toys to play with as we travel through your life, are you really going to leave many of yours untouched and unexplored?

That would be such a shame, wouldn't it?

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