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Who's Supporting You? The 5 Minute Career Coach February 2012 Update
February 15, 2012

Helping Career Changers Around The World

February 2012 Update


Who Is Supporting You?

Let's be honest here, career change is not a quick fix exercise.

It can take time to really work out what you want to do with your life and career – and then you need to set up and implement the action plan to turn it into a reality, which could involve quite a few steps along the way.

So it is really important that you do not try and go it alone.

Now you may be one of those independent types that likes to feel they can do it for themselves (I certainly have a streak of that in me!), but this really is not always the best strategy. You cannot possibly expect to be, or become knowledgeable in everything you may need to turn your hand to as you change career direction.

So get your support team alongside you!

Who do you need on your team?

A Career Change Buddy
Career Change BuddyYou will find that with someone else behind you, encouraging you and picking you up when you fall, you will stand a much better chance of working through the whole career change process.

Don't necessarily just pick the first person who springs to mind. Your partner or a very close friend may not always be the best choice. You need someone who will be supportive and understanding on the one hand but also prepared to keep pushing you on.

Draw up a list of people who you think might be able to offer you help and support. Reflect on what you think they have to offer in supporting you. What particular qualities will help them to help you?

Essentially you need someone who will...

  • be interested in and excited about your progress

  • give you dedicated time to listen to your concerns

  • encourage you when you are feeling stuck

  • be prepared to make the time to support you when you need it

  • celebrate your achievements along the way

Do you find it difficult to ask for help?
Just stop and ask yourself for a moment – if a friend came to you and asked for support, would you not readily give it? Then why should others not do the same for you? Challenge the belief or habit that makes you think you have to go solo and recognise that more people are very willing to offer support – you only have to ask.

Specialist Guidance
Your Career Change Buddy will be invaluable in travelling alongside you as you make the changes you want, but there will be points on the journey when you need more factual information which they may not have.

If you are collecting information about a new career area, don't just browse the internet. Make contact with people who are doing similar jobs and ask if you can meet them informally to find out more about what their job involves. As already mentioned, you'll be surprised at how willing people are to help if they can.

And if you are floundering around unsure about how to make progress, unclear about what you really want to do, then it is worth getting help from a careers professional who can focus your thinking and get you moving in the right direction.

With very best wishes

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