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The Big Questions! The 5 Minute Career Coach June 2010
June 01, 2010

Helping Career Changers Around The World

June 2010


Welcome to the June 2010 edition of The 5 Minute Career Coach!

What's in this Issue

If you don't like facing up to challenges, stop reading right here!

This edition of the 5 Minute Career Coach asks you some pretty big questions. They are not easy, but if you rise to the challenge, they could change your life.

With best wishes

Quote of the Day

"It's not what happens in life that counts, it's what we do with it."

OK, stuff happens – but what are you doing with it? Learning and moving on or letting yourself be defeated and hiding away?

The Big Questions

I am reading another of Barbara Sher's books at the moment, called It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now. Right up front, she confronts the reader with some Big Questions which I thought were worth sharing with you.

  • Where am I going?
  • Did I do the right thing with my time so far?
  • What’s ahead?
  • What are my greatest fears?
  • What do I really want in my future?
  • What do I definitely not want more of?
  • What regrets would I hate to have when I look back on my life in later years?
  • Why am I on this planet?

See what I mean – they are pretty Big Questions!

How do you react to them? Do they excite you? Do you see them as a challenge to rise to? Or would you rather turn the other way and just get on with mowing the lawn or putting another load of washing into the machine?

You might be wondering what they have to do with career change, but the fact is that many people only really begin to think about career change at the point in their lives when they begin to ask themselves some of these fundamental questions about their life and work.

These questions can be just as good a wake up call if you give them a career focus.

  • Where am I going with my career?
  • Did I do the right thing with my career so far?
  • What’s ahead for me in my working life?
  • What are my greatest fears about my career?
  • What do I really want in my future career?
  • What do I definitely not want more of in my working life?
  • What regrets would I hate to have when I look back on my career in later years?
  • Why am I on this planet? What is the work I am here to do?

Are you ready to face these questions and give them thoughtful and considered answers? Will you step up and face the challenge or just tell yourself you can deal with all that tomorrow...?

Your 5 Minute Coaching Session

Challenging questions are one of the key tools coaches use in helping clients to create change.

Each month I offer you a mini coaching session by asking you a challenging question to think about. The questions I ask are designed to get you thinking in new ways and hopefully gain insights that may open your mind to new possibilities for you career and for your life.

I have asked you some pretty big questions already in the article above, so let's try one that's easy and fun!

What would your ideal working day look like?

Time to be playful again. Just build up as detailed a picture as you can of how your perfect working day would unfold. No limitations – you can have anything you want.

Where would you be? Who would you be interacting with? What would you be doing?

What does this picture tell you about what really matters to you?

Recommended Resources

Well having mentioned Barbara Sher's book in my article, I have to give it a further plug here.

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now
Barbara Sher

I'll put my hand up and say I have not even finished reading it yet, but I've read enough to know that I'd like to share it with anyone at a career transition point.

The subtitle is How To Create Your Second Life After 40, but this doesn't mean you have to be over 40 to get some great insights from it.

It will certainly help you take a long look at how your life (and career) are going at the moment and give you the inspiration to move forward positively, rather than just accepting (with a sigh or with frustration) that you have to settle for what you have. It really never is too late....but it is down to you to get on with it!

I'm not sure if it is in print at the moment, but don't let that stop you. If you can't get it through Amazon, try AbeBooks for a second hand copy. That’s where I found mine.

It is definitely worth seeking out.

More recommendations
If you would like to see more recommendations for books and similar resources, follow the link to the Career Change Books page of the How To Change Careers website. Do keep popping back to it as I am adding to it all the time.

And if there are books and resources that have inspired you and that you would like to recommend, there is a place for you to do so on that page.

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