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Just Do It! The 5 Minute Career Coach September 2010 Update
September 15, 2010

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September 2010 Update


Go on – just do it!

I have been working with a client recently who came to me having already left his job without a clear plan of what he wanted to do. All he knows is that he is passionate about photography, film and live music and wants to build his working life around these three themes.

He has been stuck in a finance job for many years and had carried on doing more of the same because that was the easiest route to follow, but finally he reached a point when he decided enough was enough. He knew there was no point in continuing to wait for the 'right moment' to change career. The only way he was going to make it happen was to just put himself out there and start exploring.

Surviving on less

He has some savings, but is not in a position to live indefinitely with no income. However, he has scaled back on his spending and has discovered that it is very possible to live on much less. Indeed, now that much of his time is spent doing things he enjoys, the need to spend money as a kind of 'comfort' to help make a boring working week more bearable has pretty well disappeared. He is also willing to pick up casual, part-time jobs from time to time to stay solvent, but the main focus of his time is spent pursuing his passions.

Over the last few months he has spent time making links and contacts in the creative communities around the things he loves. He has attended photography classes, volunteered to help out at a film festival, met up regularly with other aspiring photographers to work on joint projects, offered to do promotional photography for a live music venue and much more.

Building a network

Through all of this he has begun to build a network of contacts with like minded people, those who share his passions and who can be a source of ideas and inspiration for him. Mixing with new people has helped him to let go of his old vision of what a 'career' is meant to look like. He is gradually beginning to narrow down what he wants his new working life to look like. He knows it won’t be a steady 9-5 office job ever again. From now on, he will be doing a mixture of different things that allow him to indulge his passions and interests.

He is not going to be rich in the short term, (in the longer term, who knows?) but he knows now that it is not about money anyway. He is just enjoying discovering that he feels at home with this unstructured and fluid way of living and working and he is seeing his true nature slowly emerge. Now new ideas are beginning to bubble up that may enable him to combine film, photography and music in interesting and unusual ways.

So what does it take?

None of this is happening overnight - it is a slow process of allowing ideas to evolve and gel. He is not expecting it all to fall into place in a week or two.

None of this was planned out in advance – indeed he could not have seen the opportunities he is now aware of from the finance career 'box' he was locked in before.

None of this would have been possible if he had not had the courage to let go and take that leap of faith, to step out into the unknown and to see what was out there waiting to be discovered.

And you...?

I don't normally recommend leaving your job in a final gesture of desperation with no clear plan in mind, but this story shows that even this method of career change can work if you approach it in the right spirit.

So just imagine what you might discover if you were to take that leap of faith. The answer is out there waiting for you, just out of reach. Will you step forward and let it finally come within your grasp?

With best wishes

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