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Don't Try To Go It Alone. The 5 Minute Career Coach September 2011 Update
September 15, 2011

Helping Career Changers Around The World

September 2011 Update


Don't Try To Go It Alone

I have just signed up for a full day strategy session with a business coach in a couple of weeks time and I am feeling really excited about it.

The fact is, I know that big picture thinking is not my forte – I am a detail person through and through.

But the moment has come when I know I need to turn to someone else to get me to step back and really think longer term about how I want my business to grow.

Now this might seem odd, considering this 'big picture view' is part of what I help my own career change clients to work on. So how come I am not doing it for myself and my business?

Well the fact is, that there can often be a mismatch between the ways you can support others and help them to find solutions to their challenges on the one hand, while remaining blind or inhibited in relation to your own situation on the other.

What about you? Are you great at helping your friends and family, but find yourself feeling totally stuck in relation to your own career challenges?

Acknowledge the situation
The first step is to recognise the issue in the first place – and not beat yourself up about it! It's OK – we can't be good at everything. It is more important to acknowledge the areas where you know you have difficulty and then seek help from someone who does this well.

There really is no point in struggling to improve on your weaknesses – just play to your strengths and let others play to theirs.

So if you really can't see the way forward with your career, if you are feeling stuck in a trap with no apparent escape, don't just imagine that thinking harder and longer will suddenly produce the flash of inspiration.

As Einstein said:

'Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking
that created them.'

Seek out complementary skills in others
So reach out and involve someone else who can shift your thinking to a different level, someone who will see your situation in a new light. You'll be amazed at what possibilities and options emerge when you introduce a new perspective.

And I will be using the insights and inspiration that come from a strategically minded business coach to develop a new 5 year business plan – but you can be sure I will be applying my detail skills in implementing the it!

With best wishes

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