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Career Change Big Or Small? The 5 Minute Career Coach, September 09 Update
September 15, 2009

Helping Career Changers Around The World

September 2009 Update


I was chatting to a colleague the other day and we were talking about work. He was interested in my work as a career change coach but then told me casually that he is always changing careers.

Compulsory career change?
He was feeling very positive and upbeat because he said his work was just changing again. He’s been asked to take up a new role in the department he currently works in. As far as he’s concerned, he’s changed career – though not by his own choice.

Now this situation where your role shifts under your feet may be something that you have experienced in the past - and it can be irritating at very least, and sometimes it can be a real challenge to accept and adapt to.

However my colleague was pleased about what had happened, even though this was not a role he had actually applied for.

I asked him why and he said there were two reasons.

The benefits of change
Firstly, it showed that his managers had a positive view of him and his abilities if they were considering giving him new responsibilities.

Secondly, he regarded the change as welcome. He told me the thought of doing the same job for years appalled him – he knew he would get bored if he stayed in the same role for too long. As he looked back over his career, he could see a continual shifting of jobs and roles over time. Some he had applied for, some just happened along.

And yet he has spent the majority of his working life in the education sector, and a large proportion in Universities so in some ways he has not changed career much at all.

Career change – big or small?
I went away reflecting on the fact that career change does not have to be a dramatic about turn and that for some people, this process of regular adjustment can be a more comfortable, but equally satisfying approach.

For my colleague, this kind of change has been enough for him to feel like he has continually had new challenges, he has never been bored and has been able to grow and change through all the new roles he has adopted. He is now incredibly multi-skilled!

He is also great fun to chat to. He is positive and enthusiastic and always seems to see the benefits in any situation. His enthusiasm is infectious and having had lunch with him, I felt ready for anything!

What kind of career change do you need?
So what about you? When you think of career change, do you somehow think that it has to be a dramatic one?

What about exploring the changes you could make with your current employer or perhaps with a different employer but in the same sector? Especially in the current economic climate, a smaller change might just give you the boost at work that you need.

Who can keep you positive?
And who can you turn to for an injection of positivity and enthusiasm like I got from my colleague? Finding someone like that who can help you look at your situation in a brighter light is worth their weight in gold, so seek one out and make sure you meet up regularly.

With very best wishes

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