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The Art Of Persistence. The 5 Minute Career Coach June 2011
June 01, 2011

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Welcome to the June 2011 edition of The 5 Minute Career Coach.

What's in this Issue

The Art Of Persistence
Susie Lomax

Susie LomaxTime for honesty.

How many times has someone said to you "Hey what happened to that great idea you had?" or "Did you ever leave your job & go into business for yourself?" or "I thought you said you were going to retrain as an landscape designer?" Hmmm, I thought so!

What makes successful people different is that they are persistent with a burning desire to reach their goals no matter what.

Starting at the bottom
I left home at 14 & school at 15 with no qualifications & no one to persuade me to stay. By the age of 18 I had already changed countries and decided that I wanted to go to University. When I sought advice I was told that the only way into University was to go back to school. I felt sick every single day, but I went because I had a clear goal – to get into University.

Facing the setbacks
I failed my exams. I passed English & History but failed Maths & Chemistry. I was told to repeat the year. So I started again until an English teacher pulled me aside saying "This is ridiculous, you don't belong here. You should be in University. Your writing is so good". I was told about an adult exam I could sit. 3 hours long. I went to sit the exam in a room of about 100 people. The paper was full of maths, calculus, and biology questions. In utter fear of failure I fell asleep for just over two hours. If a guy sitting next to me hadn't had a coughing fit I might still be asleep. The only thing I could do in the short time left was write the English essay. So I did and I failed the exam.

Every cloud has a silver lining
But then I received a call. "Susie you failed but the board was blown away by your written piece!" OK I thought there must be another way. I set up an appointment with a professor at the University. Within a matter of minutes I was told it was impossible, they would not let me in. I was virtually laughed off the campus.

Not taking 'No' for an answer
A week later I was back to meet a different person. I was given 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes turned into 2 hours. The final words to me were "I don't know how but I will get you in".

And it worked.

Needless to say my first degree was pretty amazing and my persistence in the face of failure and rejection paid off.

Persistence is an Art
Persistence is an Art because if 'we just keep doing the same old thing we get the same old results.' Blind repetition is not the answer.

True persistence is the combination of a number of elements.

  1. Have a great Goal. Be passionate about it. Let it drive you forward.

  2. Make a Plan. Take as much action as you can, often. Momentum is everything.

  3. Don't tell the doubters around you what you are doing. Or if need be remove them from your circle.

  4. Focus on the Goal. Keep that in your mind no matter what you come up against.

  5. Find people who will encourage you. We all need champions.

  6. Don't ever give up. Don't ever, ever give up!

These principles have shaped my approach to life over many years. They have worked for me on many occasions in my life and they can work for you too.

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Something To Think About

'The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.'
~Author Unknown~

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