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All The Help You Need. The 5 Minute Career Coach January 2012 Update
January 15, 2012

Helping Career Changers Around The World

January 2012 Update


All The Help You Need

Have you decided to take you career in hand this year?

I suspect that may be one of the New Year's Resolutions of many of the 5MCC community.

New Career SignpostWith that in mind, I thought it would be useful if I reminded you just how comprehensive the help is on the How To Change Careers website. I have carefully designed it to guide you through the career change process step by step.

You may not need to use all of the information on the site if you have been working on your career change for a while, but let me remind you of the key steps and stages you need to cover if you are to make a success of your career change. All you need to do is to click through to the pages I have linked to below and read more about each topic.

Look inwards

First of all take stock of your current situation. What work have you done so far and what does your experience of work tell you about what works for you and what doesn't?

Then take a careful look at yourself. Who are you, what are your skills, strengths and values?

As part of this process, I recommend that you take account of your personality too as this can be a great guide to what work will be a good fit for you.

Once you have found out a bit more about yourself, you are ready to ask the question 'what do I really want?' The work you have done on looking at yourself will mean you will be in a much better position to answer this now.

Look outwards

You may be able to come up with some broad areas of work you'd like to consider, in which case you should take a look at the career ideas page.

The Spectrum of Possibilities exercise is a great tool that will help you begin to tease out how you can make your career dreams into reality, and if you need to do more research, you'll find some suggestions on the Career Research page.

Decide and act

If you are wavering between different ideas, there's a section on decision making, and if you are getting stuck with doubts, especially about money issues, take a look here.

Deciding on your new career direction is one thing, but you have to do something about it too! If it is a challenge for you to turn your ideas into practical action steps, take a look at the information on action planning.

Keep going

Career change does not happen overnight, so to help keep you feeling positive and to keep up your momentum as you work through the process, dip into the pages on keeping motivated.

Well, that should be enough to keep you busy for a while! With all that help at your fingertips, you really have no excuse for staying put in that stressful or soul destroying job for another year.

Get support and celebrate success

It is always easier to make big changes in your life if you have someone to support you along the way, so do consider pairing up with a Career Change Buddy, someone who will encourage you and keep you going.

And once you have made the change, do share you story to encourage and inspire others!

Over to you then. Will you make 2012 the year when you finally take action?

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

With very best wishes

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